[Request] Review Session Time Length Estimates & Reports

I was wondering if there is a script that can report how long your review session took, maybe even saying how long each item took, what item took the longest, etc.

Also possibly the ability to estimate how long it thinks you’ll take to finish your reviews, according to how long you’ve been taking recently?


This would be so useful!

First of all, there is a request thread, please post your requests in there, second of all please use the search function.

Moving on:

As for the other ideas I am not familiar with any such scripts.

I guess I didn’t use the right keywords when searching before my post! Sorry about that.

And is there? Double oops. Still new to posting on the forums my bad.

But yea, something more specific like this is something I haven’t really seen before, so it would be cool to see.

Did you see the script I quoted?

I did! The egg timer is super cool, but the other features I talked about would be cool to find as well!

Thank you :slight_smile:

@jurcaua I’m also interested in a more “full-featured” timer, I will take a look.

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