Is there a plugin that shows homonyms or same meanings?

Hi guys.

I’ve scowered through all the delicious plugins and scripts that fantastic users have created to run with Wanikani, and use several myself, but there’s one type that I don’t think I’ve seen yet. Maybe I overlooked it?

Have any of you seen a script that will alert you “Hey! This vocabulary shares a meaning with this other vocabulary!” and “Hey! This vocabulary shares a reading with this other vocabulary!”?

I feel like the items I fail the most at, are the items that are homonyms or have the same meanings, but the reviews for them fall enough apart that I don’t notice. If I knew, then it might make for a good opportunity to make a connection in my brain, and I’ll get them correct more often.

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I don’t know of any plugins, but if you are looking for a quick fix, search for the reading on Jisho you get basically all words that have that meaning.

An example:

Als works for Wanikani btw

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I don’t know of one, but that would be a very helpful plugin!

Maybe this?


Seconded. Though it only shows those kinds of things when you fail an item. It’s invaluable.

Rikaichan/Rikaichamp/Rikaikun (theres a lot of versions, but I use -champ with Firefox) will show you all the different entries that match a sequence of kana or kanji. If you’re looking for homonyms, then hovering over just the kana will show you kanji+okurigana that matches said kana. It’s just like looking up on Jisho but in the same window.

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