Anyone using JLPT My Test app?

i came across this yesterday.
i am guessing its a new enough app as i had not spotted it before.
has anyone else tried it out?
is based off the JLPT tests, so very few kanji (at leas at beginner level) and the built in dictionary is not the best, but for someone intending to take the test seems useful.
i don’t dislike it, but im wondering would it be worgh getting the paid vesion (it promises grammatical explanarltions)
its not cheap, but if were well made, is the equivalent of buying a book, so it would not bother me.

what do you think?

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The picture in the link says “practive JLPT.”

I admit I recoil from products that can’t catch spelling errors in their own front-facing promotional material.

Haven’t heard of the app myself. Hopefully someone that has experience with it can weigh in.


I have the same different question, is there another good app for N5 and above tests?

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People seem pretty positive about the app Bunpo. ^^ (Not Bunpro.)

Tofugu also gave a brief review in one of their learning resources posts (a bit further down the page):

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I tried all four categories of questions for N2 and I don’t think it’s a particularly high quality resource. I certainly wouldn’t give them money.

The listening was clearly just real N2 samples stolen from somewhere else, because they had wildly different audio quality between questions, sometimes distractingly crackly.

And would everyone agree that this is a mistake? I’m guessing it should be 誘拐事件 (ゆうかいじけん kidnapping incident), not 愉快事件 (ゆかいじけん pleasant incident).

I’m guessing they just typed the question by hand and missed the long う.

Oh, and even though I have my phone set to Japanese language, which usually prevents apps from using Chinese fonts, this app seems to be overriding it and displaying Chinese fonts anyway… which is still legible, but distracting to me.


I guess it depends on what kind of depraved pleasant activities she was involved in…

And if 少女の愉快事件を動機、 刑を量くする法律が作られた. this was the answer…could that fall under feminism?

Maybe it’s supposed to be a combo of the words ‘practice’ and ‘active’, implying that you get ‘active practice’?

On the other hand, some odd-sounding phrases in the app description make it sound as though it’s not written by native English speakers, so maybe it is a typo :woman_shrugging:

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Really they put ads in a paid app?

I’m guessing the ads go away if you buy the paid content. The main app is free.

Ah, then it’s fine.

I haven’t tried it, but a lot of the reviews are criticizing it for a lot of various errors. Some of the replies by the app owner have been nonsensical. For example, this person was reviewing spelling issues, and the app owner responded talking about the premium store, it made little sense.

Many similar reviews about spelling errors, combined with the “practive” error leads me to believe that this app isn’t a very good choice.


I guess I had hoped it would be decent, as i think the concept and graphic and all that made for a good app.
I need practice with the hiragana heavy questions of JLPT [at least it’s like that in the early levels], as I find not having kanji throws me off [thanks WK, and my own brain for remembering pictograms easier than words :exploding_head:]
Ill stick to the free version and hope that they will improve.
as a habit I write exercises down on paper and double check somewhere else, as with free/internet resources one can never know…

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