Woo just finished lvl 3

Hi everyone

so it’s took 3 and a half month but finally finished lvl 3. Thought i would say Hi on the forums :slight_smile: this site has been the best thing I have ever tried to learn Japanese.


Welcome! Good luck on your journey! :smile:

welcome back!

same happened to me, tried several books and nothing stick long term and I quit.

But after I found WK it is my daily routine for 1,5 years now, everyday, to keep improving on my kanji vocabulary.

yea I also have tried loads of ways to learn over the years but nothing ever stuck, I came arcross wanikani randomly 3 month ago and it’s been great to have lessons and reviews to do everyday. I guess i now need to choose what subscription type i want.

I have all the japanese from zero books that i kind of want to read though too but kept hitting a learning wall.

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頑張れ!Try bunpro.jp if you want help with grammar! Torii-srs is nice for vocab not in WaniKani too.

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Hey ! Welcome :slight_smile:
The annual subscription is great to really commit to it. And if by new year’s eve you’re convinced, they do a lifetime membership discount around there, which could be perfect for you !
And monthly if you want to keep trying WK and other stuff :wink:
Anyway, WK is awesome :heart:

Thanks flowjam I will check those out :slight_smile:

Regarding the subscription I was thinking a year too and hopefully if that all goes well maybe just get a lifetime after.

hopefully one day I can gain enough knowledge to attempt the N5 fingers crossed anyway

Hi mitzy! Congrats on getting through level 3. Hopefully I will start level 4 this afternoon, I’ve been running through KaniWani and WaniKani to solidify my vocabulary which has doubled my workload but has been showing results I like. Best of luck with your journey to level 60 :smile:

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Congrats! Time to spend $$. :wink:

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