Is really 90+% the norm?

I often find myself having 80 or 75% of my review correct. Some days are of cause way better than others, and some are worse, (looking at you talking based kanji). Based on forums i see so many post about disappointment when they have bellow 100% correct after reviews. I think that everything over 50 is okay, since it shows that i made more progress towards my levels, and i will eventually learn everything here anyway, even if i do it in a slower pace than other users that also use WaniKani daily. Is it normal to have so many mistakes as i do, or is it just that people who tell their percentage are usually the ones with above average score.

What is your own experience, where do you usually fall in term of correct percentage during reviews.

Edit: to clarify, I am talking about the stat at the end of the review session. My stat at wkstat is : Reading 87.51% Meaning 91.24% Total 89.46%, but since my reading and meaning faults are often different vocab or kanji, the review total is often closer to 75-80 :sweat_smile:

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I get stuff wrong all the time. There are many kanji and words that I mix up and just won’t stick.


I usually have 90% or more. I get frustrated on days where I keep getting them wrong, but it usually ends up being around 85% on those days.
I might be taking things a bit too slowly.


Sometimes I have 60%. I don’t care anymore. I just keep going. But it can be demotivating.


What is your usual level up time?

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I can range from 60-100%.


I’m mostly wrong doing review just after I wake up. And just after I wake up, I sleep again. So my accuracy is miaou :paw_prints:

@Redglare mraaa


My review accuracy is fairly high, but I’m trying to burn every free turtle before jumping into a subscription. (I don’t even have any apprentice items left, and I have almost no guru items left.) So I’ve been seeing this stuff for a while now…

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I’m personally disappointed when I don’t get 100%, so I try to strive for it. When I first started, I found that the time the kanji doesn’t stick the most is between the lesson and the first review. I think 4 hours is too much time between that, so in order to be more “accurate”, I would usually do a self-review after 2 hours and I think that’s immensely helpful for not just the first review, but future reviews too.

But! As you said, as long as you feel like you’re making progress towards your goal, don’t worry about what or how other people are doing.


I used to feel defeated if I got a low score on the reviews, but I came to realize that that’s just the SRS doing its job, so now I only feel bad if I feel like the SRS got messed up.


I’m usually in the 60-70% range. As long as I’m not <50% (which does happen) I consider it a success.


I dunno if 90% is the norm. My normal was 70%-80% when I have a new level. Then it rised to 90%+ when I became familliar with new items. It was going from those 80% to 90% back and forth.

Then closer to lvl10 I have accumulated a lot stuff, especially those words which people call “leeches”. It can be especially frustrating when you have that hyper old kanji to fly out and you confuse it with another one and give an answer too soon. Realisation that this item went one level down just adds so much frustration that I can ruin the whole lesson and now my accuracy is nowhere close to 90%. It is 80%+ at best.


to me a good score is more than 90% accuracy. If I get 95, I’m really happy.
I get frustrated if I have less than 80%, but I can go as low as 66%, rarely less.
I only get 100% when I have around 10 reviews or less.
I guess it depends a lot on your learning style; some people prefer going fast and don’t care about mistakes as long as they do their reviews quickly. Others spend time on lessons and look up items by themselves in between reviews…
What works best for you ?
I try to keep in mind that forgetting and then remembering reinforces memory and is actually one of the natural processes of learning anything.
Remember to have fun !


I’m mostly between 65% to 90%. I mess up readings too often.


Personally I think, just like in reading, trying to get everything and understand everything 100% at first try slows you down. I’m going for quantity over quality, which has been shown to be more effective. I probably average around 80%.


If I get 90+ it’s a really good review. I try to get above 80. That to me is a successful review. And I do achieve that a majority of the time. But when it comes to doing a review shortly after completing a bunch of new lesson I tend to get around 60-70. It feels bad but I know it’s because the review is filled with a lot of fresh items so I try not to worry about it too much.

I wouldn’t worry about perfection. Learning a language is not about perfection. Those who focus too much on that will only hinder themselves. Imagine if you only allowed yourself to speak once you knew you could have a conversation with absolute perfection. You’d never say a single word.


Honestly, I don’t worry about 100% accuracy. Like you say, if I get an answer wrong, it’s gonna come up again eventually so I’m gonna learn it at some point (hopefully…). If it looks like I’m going to get under 75%, I end the session and take a little break because I don’t feel like I’m in a WaniKani mood. I think 80% is pretty good…For me personally, I don’t like to get under 70%. I think if someone consistently gets under that (or, idk, consistently under 60%?) then maybe WaniKani isn’t the best for them or they need to do a little more studying, or they need to focus more, etc.


I maintained very close to 100% most reviews until around the time my first burns came up (level 21ish I think it was). It was very rare to get less than 90%. But since those first burns 90% has become the norm and I see high 80s all the time. Always been very consistent though. Never seen a review with more than like 20 items vary from those ranges. I had some experience with Japanese before starting the course which helped, but I think I’ve always had a pretty good memory.

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I try to get 90% ideally, 80% is minimum.

If I get a score in the 50s or 60s, that means it’s time to stop lessons for a day or two and focus only on reviews. Adding a bunch more new items to a large list of items that you’re already not comfortable with seems like a recipe for bad learning.

That being said I think it’s very important to not feel defeated after a bad review session. Don’t take it personal. You’re learning, there will be ups and downs. Just use it as an opportunity to take a step back think about what’s the best strategy to maximise your learning.


I do wonder how many of the 90%+ folk have previous knowledge, or self-study between reviews, or ‘no no, I knew that… override to the rescue’, etc.