API Questions (Reviewing/Commercial use)


I hope this isn’t a repeat question, but I had a look around and couldn’t find any answers.

Will the API be updated in the future to allow completing reviews?
I assume not since it hasn’t been added by now, but it’s worth a shot asking.

A similar question would be what is Tofugus stance on making apps that allow uses to answer questions without directly using the website?
Eg: an IOS app that hides the web browser after login and shows the reviews in a different way.

Also is there any restrictions on releasing commercial apps that use the API or allow the users to login to Wanikani?

I ask these things as I am working on a flashcard game, and thought it would be a good feature to allow users to connect to their WK account to review through it.



All your questions are better directed at WK staff since no one here can answer them. Send them a mail at hello@wanikani.com.


(double post)


I use the WK api only for syncing purposes. The site I maintain is entirely distinct from Wanikani but still uses the majority of their data pulled via api. So far they dont seem to mind, but then again, I don’t charge anything, so maybe if I did the situation would be different?