Is it possible to change kana after it's typed?

For example, I’m typing こうこく Until I press enter, I can turn it into コウコク、広告、公告 or whatever.
But once I’ve pressed enter - the text is typed. But if I then select it - is it possible to change it as if I was still typing it (without having to retype it again I mean)?

P. S. Sorry, I was unable to find this question; maybe that’s just because I’m terrible at searching; if so - sorry about that.

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Right click

Of course, this can also be used to read words you don’t know, if you paste them into a text field and do that. Googling would probably be faster though.

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Oh, interesting. Never knew that before.

Doesn’t seem to work in Firefox, though. Or at least, not here in this text-editing box. (It does work in Notepad, so I know it’s not just my computer.)

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That doesn’t seem to work on Linux either :confused:

You can use CTRL+backspace or WIN key + / after typing, which works in some programs for me that don’t seem to support rightclick reconversion.

(CTRL + backspace only works on the last thing you typed though, and just picks what it thinks is the best candidate afaict. WIN + / is more manual)

Not sure about Linux, this is just the Windows reconversion shortcut

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Does anyone know how to do this reconversion on Mac > Notes? I tried “reconversion kanji mac notes” on google search but the result confused me.

Does ctrl-shift-r / option-shift-r work?

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Ctrl+backspace erases the full line. Win + / doesn’t do anything specific (it just types / in my case)
Looking around in the settings, it’s possible to do it while you are selecting the kanji (as in you pressed space, but not enter yet) but it does not seem to be possible to go back after pressing space.


Wow! ctrl-shift-r worked! Thanks!

I tried option-shift-r after selecting the kanji, it didn’t work.

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