iPhone voice to text - does it work well for Japanese?

I have an incredibly hard time getting iPhone’s voice to text to work well in Japanese. So either my pronunciation is terrible, or it’s just not that good. For example, I tried to say ふるう, and no matter what it thought I was saying フル. I definitely extended the う sound long enough, and I tried with a few different pitch accents (since I don’t know the correct one). Yet every time it came back with フル. When I click the word to see what alternatives it thinks I might have meant I get フルール, Hulu, 古, and ふるー. I guess the last one is right-ish, but it’s still weird since there are a few kanji-based words spelled ふるう.

I’ve had this experience with so many words that I’ve all but given up on using voice to text for Japanese. That’s why I had to find out of it’s just not that good or if it’s a problem on my end. Perhaps it’s only this bad why you try to say a single word, which happens to be my use case right now.

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I’ve had decent luck when dictating short phrases, but honestly voice dictation even for English is pretty hit or miss for me.

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I’ll ask some natives to try it out on their phones later.


I generally have better luck with Japanese than English when it comes to voice, but I admit I’ve never tried 奮う. Don’t honestly know how much it relies on context.

So when a native I asked to try it said it in isolation, it did default to Hulu.

But saying it in sentences worked fine.


I’ve also noticed that it’s quite bad with single words, but preforms very well for me with sentences.

I can also attest to having much better success dictating sentences than individual words, but also having difficulties with accuracy in English. Speech-to-text is a tricky business and I end up spending enough time correcting it that ends up being slower than typing it out myself.


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