Has anyone used Falou for learning Japanese?

I saw this today on the Apple iOS store:

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First I’ve seen this app but under the name it says learn english, spanish, french, so does it even teach japanese?


Well, the more detailed information in the app store says “25 languages for you to learn”, with one of them being Japanese, but yeah, were you going somewhere with this, OP, or is this just advertising?

Ooo, Croatian too. That might have been useful for my trip back in July.

Heh, and “British English”, listed separaely to English. Now I’m intrigued.

Oh, I see, I’m just assuming OP wants to know if it’s any good

I haven’t used the app, so this might sound a bit harsh but to be honest, I’ve yet to find an app that teaches more than 1 language (or like 25 in this case) in a good way. I really like my app being tailored to the language I’m learning, not a one size fits it all solution.

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Yes, I was just wondering if it is good.

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