New iOS WaniKani app update...?

Hi guys, can anyone (maybe Andrew Kharchyshyn himself) explain what the new update means? The description has caused me to hesitate, as it states:

“While figuring out how to integrate premium subscription through In-App-Purchases, in order to keep application on the AppStore I’ve changed the app to have only free WaniKani content which is reviews and lessons below level 4.”

Reading that, I obviously decided not to update, and the app continues to work fine. Did anyone else actually update, and lose access to content? Is this a permanent thing? …Are other people using Mobile Allicrab and having a similar issue?

Pinging. I don’t use iOS but am interested in a reply to this question as it might affect people.

I just recently downloaded the app on my iPhone and I can’t log in. All I get is a spinning dog head. So I wouldn’t update I suppose.

This is probably related to the app being blocked from the store because Apple wanted to require an in app purchase for WaniKani’s premium content (so they can take a cut) even though the app isn’t affiliated with WaniKani. I don’t have any details. I’m just repeating what a read a couple weeks ago.


If true, that is pretty ridiculous on apple’s part.

Sigh, so basically it’ll only work until apple updates iOS and everything crashes?

Ugh I do all my reviews and everything on the app :frowning:

Same problem here, I don’t want to update for this reason. It gets annoying because now I need to update all my apps manually instead of doing all updates in one click to avoid updating the WaniKani app. I hope there is an update to workaround this issue on the way. It’s really annoying that Apple doesn’t try to understand why what they are asking is stupid and can’t be applied.

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