[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

no problem! it was me fixing it for myself, I was very tired of seeing 90+ days as the estimate for my own levels :sweat_smile:


I was told this uses API codes/keys or whatever but now it looks like I need to sign in with my actual username and password??? :grimacing:

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For some reason, some lessons are in a different order in Tsurukame when compared to the online lessons. Does anyone know why that might be the case?

For example, in the remaining level 6 vocab lessons, the lessons are 地中, 活用, 知る, 手首, 出社. On Tsurukame, the lessons start with 点ける instead, and then the same as the online lessons ( 地中, 活用, 知る, 手首)

I don’t use any reorder scripts, unless Tsurukame has one active by default.

It does, but we also need the session key, which is less obvious how to obtain (you have to hijack the network traffic, which you probably can’t do on a mobile device)

Tsurukame does have one active by default, although the default configuration is very similar. This is how Tsurukame sorts the available lessons:

Hi! I’m almost exclusively using tsurukame these days - thanks! Twice in the last few weeks I’ve visited the wanikani homepage and found a single review languishing there that isn’t showing up on tsurukame. I’m pretty sure it was the same word both times. Not sure if this is a problem on my end or tsurukame’s end.

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Hi @davidsansome,

Thank you for this great app.

The way I do WK on the web is to skip all vocab and only do radicals and kanji. Is there any way to set that up in Tsurukame?

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Hello Everyone!

tl;dr, found the problem. See my post below.

Bonus problem: I had 3 review items which i could not get into the app. I answered these before though in Tsurukame. Full syncs or fresh installs did not fix the problem. Eventually i just cleared them on the website.

Don’t know about the other problems, but for this one, check out the levels of those items. There has been some content updates from Wanikani on the past few months, and some items have changed levels. If you had started learning an item level 3 but now WK moved it to level 40, it won’t show up in your app because it takes only the items at or under your current level. The current way to fix it is to do it via the website, or wait that you reach the level of the item and at that point you’ll encounter it again.


You are right. The item 外れ has been moved to level 21.

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I am pretty sure i found the problem. I should have mentioned i have the non default settings:

  • Anki Mode
  • Back-to-Back Order

Often when i see the meaning i already have the reading in my head.
So after tapping the meaning card and picking “Correct”. I instantly tap again on the reading card ready to pick “Correct” again.

When i tap that fast on the reading card it often does not fully load.
It just sits on a blank background waiting for me to choose from the menu.
I get a happy spark animation but does not sync towards Wanikani.

I will add two pictures hopefully making it somewhat more clear.

Here i go too fast and it won’t upload.

Here i go slow and it will upload.

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Does anyone know why there is a different amount of reviews showing on Tsurukame as opposed to the web app?

On the web app I have 812 reviews but on Tsutukame 803.

Any ideas?

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The answer is 3 posts above.

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Thanks. I thought this was the case but wasn’t sure.

Since I can’t find time to get on a PC as much, I’m much more likely to study on my phone and Tsurukame is just so much better than the web app.

My only worry was that by using Tsurukame things wouldn’t get synced properly and it would some negatively affect my progress.

Do you think this is the case? If not I’d love to just use Tsurukame.

Also I wanted to ask, would you happen to know why the review order is different on Tsurukame?

For example if I review on the web app for the meaning of 発見, the word will come up much later and ask for the reading.

However in Tsurukame it seems that the meaning/reading are very often paired, and I am asked for the meaning almost immediately after reviewing the reading.

It feels like there is much less “space” between the kanji when reviewing.

Maybe it has something to do with the batch review size?

Any thoughts on this?

If you are that worried about it not syncing. Just make it a habit to force a full sync every now and then. Pull down on the main screen.

I don’t know about the order as i am not the creator. I use back to back anyway. Spacing out the cards takes up more time. Switching to back to back + Anki mode did not hurt my retention, but i fly through reviews now.

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Tsurukame allows customization of lesson order by item type. I have a commit that allows review order by item type, but this is not in Tsurukame itself. Tsurukame does have a setting that lets you skip reviews, so you could skip a vocab review any time you got one, but that could get annoying fast.

This a known issue in Tsurukame.

WaniKani uses a batch size of 10. You can change Tsurukame’s batch size to 10 in review settings.

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Is anybody else getting a “beta has expired” notification when trying to open (beta/testflight) Tsurukame? I used it without any issues yesterday, but today it won’t let me open the app and when trying to reinstall it, it tells me that the beta is not accepting any new testers. I can’t seem to find anything online about it besides devs reporting that testflight is sending that notification to users despite the build not being expired yet.

Same for me. I think some already reported the issue in github.

@nayo @nettomagic The beta is back

@shibewithbal @neosim My PR was merged into the new beta, so the level moved items should no longer be an issue.