[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

Welcome to the co-meow-nity! :cat2:

Are you talking about in reviews?
If so, turn them all on! If you can’t read the font, you should be able to swipe and change it. :wink:


A heartfelt thank you for creating this app. This might as well be the official WK app because it’s that good. I also especially like that you have the option to have the on’yomi readings in katakana. Thanks again for your hard work!

…Now if only my phone would stop offloading my apps right after I use them

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welcome cakeat :partying_face:

I have tried three of them but I couldn’t recognize the Kanji in the reviews. maybe I started this feature with the wrong ones? :smiley: it’s a very neat feature though.

Thanks both for your replies about the fonts, I didn’t realise you could change the fonts back mid review that’s great!

Now that the Jakeipuu app appears to be dead in the water, can you guys steal the cherry-picking feature? It is very, very nice.

I shifted my workspace from my iPad Pro to a new MacBook Air. I was very happy to discover that Tsurukame can be used on Mac OS Big Sur too. Guess there’s no need to download a bunch of plugins. This app has everything I need. Thanks again for all the work you’ve put in to this app! :smile:


Thanks again for this awesome app. I only work with the app. I have two requests:

  1. the daily endless phone typing was detrimental to my health. I got an Epicondylitis that’s been bugging me for a year now. Therefore I don’t type the English answers anymore. I type „e“ and then cheat. No need to practise English, really. So PLEASE add Anki mode. We‘re grownups, no need to tell us not to cheat.

  2. it would be great to add a feature where you can cap the number of apprentice. Let’s say, max 100 apprentice and the app automatically won’t let you add new lessons if you hit that number. So instead of fumbling around with the lesson batch size daily, you just enter the max number of apprentice and the lesson batch size adjusts accordingly.

Thank you again!