[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews


You’re right though - 希望する seems to have had new meanings added since I last updated it. I’ll be sure to re-fetch everything for the next release.

Have you considered making this dynamic?


This. I really need Jitai. I am addicted to that.


Also i think the kanji in the lessons screen are too small and i do not seem to find a play audio button or the example sentences. And I am generally not a fan of seeing all information at once. This is against the learning philosophy of wanikani.

If you dont agree with me here, please still consider making this a toggleable option.

bug: third party/non english keyboards with different dimensions overlap with the input text
bug: single n should be converted to ん if followed by any non vowel
bug: (this bug is also on wanikani) - when adding text somewhere else than the end the cursor jumps to the end as soon as some input is converted to kana
bug: empty inputs are accepted and then considered wrong

instead of the confetti consider making the input bar green for a third of a second. same for wrong, but red then

in the overview graph could you please colour the bars according to how many kanji, ‘radicals’ and vocab there are

(please be aware that i will update all my posts so far with the edit function until i see some confirmation that you read them, so please reread my above two posts if you haven’t read them all just now)


So if I understand you correctly, you are only manually syncing with the WK database when you know there’s a change. This seems problematic, since apparently WK doesn’t always post when they’ve made changes.

And you didn’t answer my first question about user inputted synonyms and notes. Since I use multiple devices for WK, Tsurukame needs to know if I’ve added a synonym since the last session (quite possibly on a different device), as long as I’m connected to the net.



This app is great! Being able to do these reviews offline is so much more responsive! I was also a bit apprehensive about the username/pw thing, but your explanation makes sense (and there’s not really any sensitive data in my WK account) - I almost think adding a link to the app’s login page for a “Why do I need to enter my username/password instead of just an API key?” would help address concerns, or at least explain the reasoning behind it.

Some very minor points:

  1. The ordering of reviews feels a bit different from WK? I tend to get re-asked the same question when I get one wrong, and I don’t feel like WK does this much. This actually is related to another point:
  2. there’s not super great feedback when you get one wrong as to the correct method to advance to the next question. Especially because it’s so much faster than WK because it’s all local, it almost feels like nothing happened when you advance from the “you got it wrong/definition” screen to the next word.

These two things combined made me think that wrong answers weren’t being counted, at first, because I got a couple ask question->get wrong answer->app asks same question in a row. Once I saw the first instance of that not happening, though, I understood what was going on.

Finally, a really minor/trivial thing: んs do not display properly when you are typing out the readings of kanji/words. Obviously this doesn’t affect functionality but it would be nice!

Again, great app!


lovely app. so much better than allicrab with its recent bugs like keyboard disappearing. I wish I could pull up the info of a kanji I just answered. Many times I have the right answer, but want to double check I remembered correctly. At the moment the app just goes to the next question without giving me the option to see the answer to the previous one


I spend a lot of time travelling places without phone service. (Yay Australia!). So @davidsansome you had me at “offline”.

I gave it a whirl yesterday on my iPad Air 2.0 running latest IOS. I too get the strange css failure when I scroll to the bottom as @deadpadre.

And another thing, I’m not sure if this was your app or WK itself, yesterday morning I levelled up, and today I’ve unlocked all the Kanji from my level, even the ones that I haven’t got the radicals to guru for.

Now for me that’s awesome. I reset my WK a month ago to get back on the wagon after 18 months off so going faster through the early levels isn’t terrible, but I’m sure it will come back to bite me.

Right now Tsurukame shows I have 161 lessons available to do. But wanikani.com shows 57.


Great app.

The only problems I have are:

  • Missing meanings (already talked a lot here)

  • Showing 950 lessons when I don’t actually have any lessons available at the moment. All of these lessons are from levels above mine.

iPad Pro 10.5", iOS 11.3.


Just wanted to throw in my two bobs of how amazingly smooth this app is.
It is so refreshing to see how quick it all runs.
Offline support is going to make this so great for me when i am stuck on airplanes and wanting to do my reviews! :smiley:

Few little wish lists to make it perfect for me as well:
Wrap up function to finish the next 10 if something comes up when i am doing reviews. (Even a pause button that i can resume later would be a great alternative).

Adding the ability to either not auto progress and allow me to check the other meanings for the word or check the last correctly entered word to see for other readings.

Otherwise very keen to see how this goes moving forward.


There’s a wrap-up option hidden in the menu when you press the ‘Back’ button! Should I move this to the main screen to make it more obvious? I’m worried it’ll get cluttered if I just dump all the buttons there though!


Woah sorry about this! It looks like the WaniKani API changed again and it’s now returning all lessons, even for levels you haven’t unlocked yet. I’m got a fix and I’ve sent a new build to Apple for review - it should hopefully be in the app store in a couple of days.


Thanks for all the feedback! Even if I haven’t replied to everyone individually I’ve been reading everything and working hard on new features!

Here’s a sneak-peek at version 1.3 which will be in the App Store in a couple of days:

Added more review options:


  • Sort by SRS level (novice then apprentice, etc.) or Wanikani level (current level radicals first, then kanji, etc.)
  • Back-to-back mode: display the reading and meaning together.
  • Toggle whether to reveal the answer automatically. If you turn this off you have to press a reveal button to see it.
  • Added a button to open information about the last item you answered.

Minor features:

  • Haptic feedback (small vibration) when you get an answer right.
  • Disable the submit button until you type an answer.
  • Turn the answer red when it’s incorrect.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix a bug where you would see lots of lessons from higher levels.
  • Fix a bug where the top of the screen would be covered in blue bars after scrolling.
  • Replace ‘n’ with ‘ん’ properly.
  • Replace ‘-’ (hyphen) with ‘ー’ (full-width hyphen).
  • Fix the size of some radicals in search results.


Ahh! So there is - Thank you.
No keeping it there i think is fine. Maybe just need a help screen or something pointing out where everything is.
The clean look is really refreshing compared to the other apps.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Loving the new update. Thank you for implementing such great changes so quickly.
The animation for checking the last correct answer is so smooth and tidy :slight_smile:

Small bug from an iPhone 8 Plus in the main screen.

Otherwise just did around 70 reviews smoothly as every.


oh my god, this update :heart_eyes: thanks a lot!


Thanks for this update. I see a ton of improvement, and I was able to make it through a review session this time. Unfortunately the same kind of thing happened this time as last time: I entered a reading for 一昨日 that is included among the readings on https://www.wanikani.com/vocabulary/一昨日 (おとつい) but not in your app…

(and for the record, おとつい is the way we pronounce that word in my house.) I could have used the ignore script, but I forgot to. Anyway, it seem like keeping the database synced remains problematic, and thus I’m hesitant to use Tsurukame until this is addressed.


It would be nice to see when the next review is - quite motivating especially in early levels when it is easy to go to 0/0. Example:

Another cool feature would be statistics. I try to keep my Novice level below 100 for example, so I can pace myself adequately. Example:

The app is perfect otherwise!


I was just about to make this exact same point, with these same screenshots. I still use the AlliCrab app just for these two screens. Tsurukame is an amazing app so far, but if it can implement these two features…

  1. showing upcoming reviews broken out by radical, kanji, and vocab
  2. showing the numbers in apprentice, guru, mastered, etc.

… then it would be perfect for me.

Thanks again @davidsansome for your great work on this app!


This app is fantastic, really impressive.
I, despite being slack for a while, usually do my reviews on the train which has painfully intermittent network connectivity. This may just help me get back on track.
One cosmetic bug is the sizing on iPhone 7 Plus where there is a gap on the right side.