[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews


I really love the look and feel of the app!

Sadly, I noticed that “To Solve” is not accepted as a correct answer to 解く, even though it’s the primary meaning in WK. The app only accepts “To Untie”. First I thought it was my fault and I had to check the browser version and compare. Sadly, I can’t use the app since I’m afraid there might be more cases like this :frowning:


Thank you - offline mode is a life saver!


and even IOS9, if you dont mind.:blush:
Damn’d Apple dropped the support of the Ipad Retina, despite the hardware working like a charm.

I mean, if you want to fight planned obsolescence :dollar: :chart_with_upwards_trend:, you have to do that :hugs:


So, I have an idea for this app. It’s an idea that’s been around my head for quite some time for Wanikani, but I never asked for it.

The thing is that sometimes I find myself having a lot of free time at some point and waiting for reviews to come. But when those reviews come, I no longer have the free time to do them and they accumulate. And it’s kind of frustrating.

So, I think it’d be great for “Master > Enlightened” and “Enlightened > Burn” items to have an option to make those items come early in a single day. I mean, I’ve been waiting 1 and 4 months for those items, I think it won’t affect the SRS if I can do them a few hours earlier and it would help my life schedule a lot.

Since this app works offline, it could enqueue those future reviews and send them when Wanikani actually needs them.

Just a suggestion! Thanks again for the app :slight_smile:


Amazing work on the app. Works fast and pretty to look at. Offline mode it’s just a wonderful feature!

Do you have a paypal account? I’d like to make a donation to support you.


I really like the app, congrats! But over the last day or so, it seems not to be syncing with WK. I do reviews, and it shows me zeroed out in the Tsurukame app, but still shows those reviews on WK.com and I have to redo them. Is it just me? Any advice?


as an android user I’m so envy :frowning: I would really like to have a way to study wanikani offline (ie. on the tube).


Is there any plan to add self study reviews? The same way the script does on the site which is useful on my laptop but would be great if it was added to this app.


Just downloaded. Looks super cool so far.

Nice job. Looking forward to using this.


You know i am a bit pissed. I used this app to do a critical review because lots of unfavourable circumstances sadly stopped me from being able to do it on my laptop. and well it did not synchronize with the wanikani backend while showing that it did and while being perfectly able to do so.

Me being angry

WELL. I did all the kanji that i had to do for level up. tserukame TOLD ME that everything was up to date and synced. WELL IT WAS NOT AND I NOW LOST 4 FUCKING HOURS BECAUSE OF IT. THIS APP SHOULD NOT SAY THAT IT IS SYNCED WITH THE SERVERS IF ITS NOT. AND IT WASNT MY FAULT I HAD WIFI WHILE DOING THE REVIEWS AND SHORTLY AFTER LTE. THIS APP SHOULD NOT WRONGLY TELL ME THAT I DONT NEED TI WORRY AND NOT THIS FUCKING INCIDENT STOPPS ME FROM GETTING 6 DAYS 20 HOURS AND THAT FUCKING PISSES ME OFF. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



Sorry you lost some time, but you really need to calm down. If you have an issue with the app then don’t use it or report it to the app creator to look into it. I’ve lost time/not syncing with the actual Wanikani app, so more than likely it is your phone and not the app. No one held a gun to your head and told you to rely on an app that you’ve never used before.


Agree with :point_up: @jeffknight18
Those things are bound to happen, so no need to have a meltdown just because you didn’t level-up in a perfect 6 days and 20 hours.


That’s a pity, but really not a big deal lol…

Just relax and enjoy life :crabigator: It’s too good to get pissed off about such things :innocent:


well this app has ways to check if its synced. it has an area to show if there are any updated queued. so no if the app would have been programmed correctly this would not have happned.

btw there is no real wanikani app they are all third party. all other apps also directly use the website. the only way you can lose progess there is by losing cellular/wifi signal and then closing the (integrated) browser window before it realised that the connection droppen which is really fast.

also you might have noticed that i did not insult or attack the app developer, i was just raging about my lost hours. see the difference

ohh forgot to click send


nah those arent bound to happen.


I’m not just saying so, I have a major in IT. Unexpected errors might happen.
Besides, OP probably works on it on his spare time without asking for anything in return, after all it’s free software.

Again, OP uses his time and effort to provide us with a free tool, so I think it’s a bit rude to talk about the product like that.


Yes, I develop quite a lot in my spare time as well so i know how common bugs are. and now stop trying to give me a lesson


I’d never try to give someone a lesson because I know people are stubborn creatures :man_shrugging:
I only really intended to show support for the developer!


ah okay. as i expressed above he did great work with this app


Being frustrated and venting is perfectly understandable. I appreciate @sirati97 not letting his frustration turn into personal attacks against the developer. As a request from me, though, please mind the f-bombs. I know, I know, it’s the internet, and kids have heard it all anyway, but let’s try and keep things family friendly nonetheless. :slight_smile: