[iOS] SRS learning with predefined cards

Hello everyone.

I’ve made an iOS (iPhone/iPad) app with SRS for studying some Japanese basics.


  • SRS as in WaniKani (same intervals, same memorizing levels, same penalty)
  • predefined decks: JLPT 5 vocabs and kanji, Tae Kim grammars guide (partially)
  • manually decide if an item should level up or down, no input needed (it greatly speeds up review time)
  • notification when new review is available

App promo page: https://inhouse.ninja/anki

I wanted to do re-review of some basics that are mostly burned in WK. And I missed some functions that are available for mobile native apps (notifications + offline support).
On mid-way I thought that it wouldn’t be bad to also make grammars deck.


  • Cover entire Tae Kim guide (this and this). There is only CompleteGuide/NounsAndAdjectives chapter now.
  • Add web interface to add and edit custom decks (probably, would like to hear feedback if this feature is needed, I’m avoiding server costs now)
  • Bridge to my another project

I intend to keep the app entirely free as much as I can, there is practically no server cost now. In fact the only resource that is used is the time to make cards content :slight_smile: