[iOS] Mobile AlliCrab for WaniKani

Thank You for your hardwork on this great app.I enjoyed learning with it and am grateful for the time and effort you put in. Thank you again!

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Yes, thanks a lot @cplaverty for all your work on AlliCrab (and silly Apple!).

Now, I imagine that it must be possible (for those of us who have some programming experience) to get (a developer version of?) AlliCrab to work on our iPhone? I had been meaning to get into the iPhone app world. I guess now is the time to do that by trying to get AlliCrab to work on my phone…


I agree it was brilliant!! Thank you!!

Apple is pissing me off more and more…

and surely it must be possible to work something out with Wanikani…


It’s really worth following up on this if WK seriously wants to support its faithful 日本語 learners, dont you think? Allicrab made possible all those stolen review moments on rattling bumpy trains and buses, especially because of the ignore button!

Is there anything YOU can do??? お願い!!

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Thank you for making AlliCrab. My reviews would pile up even more if this app didn’t exist.

Now I know what I’m getting for my next phone. Android.

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That’s what I’ve been doing since the last PR (added the individual review specific SRS script) was merged post-rejection. It takes a little bit of extra setup but it’s pretty well documented in the github readme.

Yes, I will definitely give it a try this weekend. Will see how it goes… :slight_smile:

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If you can get the pre-3.0 version onto your device (I never updated my phone, and it took couple hours of finagling for my iPad but I eventually got it), you can use WK’s v1 API which still works.

I really hope the WK devs at least leave v1 accessible for a long time for “legacy” apps like this. Or at least another 2 years or so so I can reach level 60. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sad to hear the news, but thank you very much for all the work you put into making AlliCrab. The app has been very helpful in my day to day studies!


RIP Mobile AlliCrab :slightly_frowning_face:


Thank you for everything.
I’m one of those rarities that take things super slow ( I only do 4 new lessons a day and take a week long break from New lessons (Still do reviews) after each level up.)( just my weird system)

Anyways, I’ve logged in hundreds upon hundreds of hours on your app and was so sad to see it stop working a day ago.

I even downloaded a new app sniff

You deserve to be on the wanikani hall of fame. *salute *


Please do it!

The tsurukame timeline is so painful to read…

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It’s a bit hackish, but I wonder if you could get WK to check incoming API requests for some attribute that identifies the app client and return a different response that the app won’t choke on. It’s in everyone’s interests, including WKs, to enable this app to continue working. If there’s an App Store restriction on out-of-store purchasing, preserving this existing app in the store is a way of bypassing that. Anyway, just a thought. Thanks for building and maintaining this thing for so long!

@cplaverty In-house deployment from a URL may still be an option, and it seems like almost everyone in the thread here would be willing to go through the extra trouble of manually installing the app… It costs extra per year, but then you could at least put up a simple URL in the original post of the this thread that will install whatever version of the app.

It may not be possible for you to register for an Apple Enterprise Account, but WK might be able to register and distribute it…

Even if that were possible, I’m not really sure it would be worth the risk. Enterprise accounts are only intended for distributing apps internally within an organization, and earlier this year, after Facebook and Google were caught shipping enterprise apps to external users, Apple warned they would revoke certificates and possibly terminate developer accounts for companies caught abusing the enterprise program. (Facebook and Google only had their certificates revoked for a short time, but I wouldn’t necessarily expect Apple to extend that courtesy to smaller companies.)

To be really clear – and I say this as someone who’s been developing iOS apps for much of my professional career – I think Apple’s decision with regard to AlliCrab is exceedingly arbitrary and downright boneheaded. Unfortunately, though, dealing with Apple’s capriciousness has been part of iOS development since the beginning, and unless you’re prepared to be permanently excluded from their platforms going forward, it’s probably not worth trying to circumvent their decision.


@cplaverty Thank you for all your work. You’ve helped gotten me to level 43.

FWIW, I was able to build off of github with a non-developer account. So if people want to learn iOS development, this would be a good chance!


Omg that absolutely sucks!

So is there no other way for me to use WaniKani on iPhone except native browser?
The biggest feature I need is “ignore wrong answer”, as I’m going through the app for a second time and I can’t afford to let a single typo delay a whole level.

I’m so disappointed. I did not even want this stupid iOS update. Is there a way to roll back the update??

Welcome to the wonderful world of Xcode :slightly_smiling_face:. Just one thing to keep in mind is that development builds for non-paid account have a fairly short shelf life — it’s been a while since I’ve tried this, but I believe in the past they would expire after a week, not sure if they’ve changed that more recently. In any case you’ll have to periodically rebuild the app to continue using it.

Unfortunately the issue isn’t due to an iOS update. WK’s API has changed in a way that’s no longer compatible with the latest release of AlliCrab, but Apple isn’t accepting any more updates because they claim the app is violating the App Store rules. So the app is broken for everyone regardless of which version of iOS you’re using. :slightly_frowning_face:

Is there not a way to deploy stuff via TestFlight? TestFlight is an official app for beta app testing of other apps.

I was using it for BunPro (another WK inspired spinoff).

Hi everyone,
Just so you know, although the information on the main page are not updated it is still possible to access lessons and reviews through the app (at least on my device). Since it is more convenient than the website that’s what I’ve been using in the past few days.