[iOS] Mobile AlliCrab for WaniKani

Upon changing time zones without an Internet connection, the app’s notification count and review notifications/count (showed correctly) get out of sync.


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Just to make sure I understand the issue, is it just the badge count that’s wrong? I.e. at the time you took those images you actually had 110 reviews?

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That’s correct.

I noticed that this issue has been addressed in Thank you for looking into this.

Yeah I think I’ve fixed the issue, though hadn’t mentioned anything since I’ve not done a beta build with this change yet. I expect to release to TestFlight what I hope to be the final build of 3.1 this weekend.


Hi! Not sure if this has been asked before or not but would it be possible to add the pitch accent script to this app? It feels important to be learning pitch accent alongside wanikani reviews… I primarily use IOS for WK because of the keyboard but it’s almost impossible to get scripts running outside of apps. The script I’m talking about is this one: [Userscript] WaniKani Pitch Info

Thank you for everything you’ve done with the app so far!

The pitch accent script is kind of glitchy though, occasionally messing up the audio during reviews or not displaying the pitch accent diagram correctly.

Is it? That’s a shame… imo I think having something for pitch accent would be better than nothing, and bugs could be fixed in the future by the op, but if it would create more issues than solve them then I guess it would be for the best not to have it

I use it as well because I think it does more good than harm. I’m just concerned that it could be more problematic on mobile. The script creator hasn’t updated it in a while as far as I know, and updates wouldn’t get pushed automatically to the app anyway. Either way, I just wanted cplaverty to have all the information.

Yeah I realised just after posting that there isn’t really a way to auto update the script on an app (unless I’m wrong) so it would be a bit tedious to maintain while it still has bugs, I guess it depends on how serious/common they are? It’s definitely something that seems useful in the future though, ty for making the issues known!

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They did add support for native reviewing, and cplaverty said that he would support it in 4.0. That would make userscripts useless since lessons and reviews won’t be done in a browser view, but directly through the app.

Welcome to the forums, @Tsukeoni


Why did you reset? I was fairly certain you were level 14 a few hours ago.

hmm in that case I guess my request would change to adding pitch accent graphs into the native app, but that sounds like a lot more time and work coding wise. I’ll just have to switch between using my pc and iOS more from now on haha

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Yes, that’s why any requests for userscripts lately have been declined. Feel free to update your original request.


I personally don’t think it would be right to use a competing app’s UI as visual inspiration. Don’t get me wrong, Tsurukame does look nice but I feel like it would be smarter to come up with unique designs that separates the two apps rather than using it as inspiration which will inevitably make them more similar.

Also Apple can be picky with apps that are too similar design-wise
https://developer.apple.com/app-store/review/guidelines/#copycats section 4.1


I have had requests to add pitch accent to the app, and it is in my list. As has been mentioned, I won’t integrate the script directly as I’m trying to eliminate web views from the app. It’s pretty low on my list though (mainly because I would need to find a good source of this data which permits redistribution), so don’t take this as any kind of a commitment to it happening.


I actually reset a couple weeks ago, but the forum didn’t update my level until recently.

It wasn’t just the app I was neglecting, it was all of WaniKani. I was level 14 for around 2 years (and 13 for a year before that) so I decided to reset rather than try to work through the review pile.

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The script grabs the information from http://weblio.jp, which is the only online dictionary I’ve found that includes pitch accent information. It may not technically be legal to grab that data though, I have no idea.

Bug: I opened another app (actually a PWA) and received a notification that I had 1 review. I went to check it and this is what I saw:

I think you may be seeing the same thing that I had reported in the github issue here assuming you had done your reviews somewhere other than the app.