[iOS / Android / Web] Juken - Review App for WaniKani

Also, I wanted to second the comments saying that the swipe detection is not ergonomic. It looks like it only registers a swipe if when your finger is lifted at the end, it is within a certain distance from the screen’s edge. It think what would work is to keep your current swipe detection logic, and also add the following independent condition for triggering a swipe: count a swipe if both (a) the finger is moving quickly enough towards one side of the screen at the end of the swipe and (b) if you draw an arrow from the start point through the end point of the swipe, that arrow points to the same side of the screen that the finger was moving towards in (a).

Love this thing to death. This is my third go at WK since i always drop out due to the sheer time spent manually entering reviews. This could help me stick it out for good.
My only problem is the lack of an undo feature. More than once I’ve marked something as right/wrong incorrectly and force-closed the app hoping it hasn’t submitted anything to the server yet. Is this something that could be added?

This sounds like you are in a serious need for a way to manage the review workload. Have you tried limiting the number of daily lessons to 10 and do lessons only when the apprentice count is below 100? The idea is that every lesson becomes reviews afterwards. By limiting lessons you control your review workload. Also the bulk of your reviews are apprentice items. If you have many apprentices this is not time to add more reviews by doing lessons.

The number of 10 lessons and 100 apprentices are good number to start with but if you find there is still too many reviews feel free to tune these numbers downward until you are comfortable with the review workload…

a self study option would be nice for this app!

TL;DR: If you get this error make sure to generate an API token that is not read-only

I’m having this problem too, it happens in the app, the browser and even on my PC! kinda sad that I lost around 100+ reviews that I couldn’t submit, since I was having fun with the app blazing through my reviews :sweat: but now that I think about it, it was probably the access token that I used that was read-only too bad that I just realized it as I am typing this :joy:

Hey! I just wanted to say that the Juken app makes Wanikani tolerable for me on busy days.

If I’m waiting somewhere or get a short break from work, I can whip out the app and do a few reviews.

If it is the end of a busy day and I quickly need to tackle my reviews, it is a super easy way to do so.

I much prefer to do Wanikani in my browser, but in a pinch Juken is my preferred way to do Wanikani on my phone.

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