AI Japanese Dictionary - search the dictionary via speech, images or text

Hi all,

I’ve created a free Japanese dictionary app for Android and iOS called ‘AI Japanese Dictionary’.

The app will recognize English and Japanese speech so you can speak into your device, see the text on the screen, and click on the text to search the dictionary.

The app will also recognize English and Japanese text in images (from camera and gallery) and you can click on the text to search the dictionary (currently only on Android, but working on it for iOS…). So you can just take a picture of that difficult kanji instead of trying to figure out how to write it!

Of course, you can just search in the traditional way using the keyboard with English and Japanese input.

I hope it helps your studies!




Wow, you’re level 60 and have no other posts on the forum? Is this a welcome and level 60 post as well or did you delete some?

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You are the hero for this!! Thank you so much!

Yeah I’m a long time WaniKani user but first time poster!

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