Interesting Discussion about Japanese Learning



@hinekidori Have you listened to the whole video? :eyes:


Still working through it. They start dogging on WK @ 1:16. :laughing:


At this point I’m sure that Aniki is a spy by the national kanji agency and tries to destroy this website from the inside x)

But yeah its quite interesting to watch these.


Haha, Nah I just have these videos pop on my Youtube Home page that turn out to be interesting lol.


Don’t worry, keep sharing these :slight_smile:


George seems to be totally lost in terms of knowing what WK is about. I understand Matt’s perspective, but he’s guessing too much. That’s his bias.


At this point I no longer know what WK is about myself… All I know is that it kind of works and I can understand some Kanji if I see it. All while having some fun and a nice community, so yey for WK


They might even say that WK forces you their mnemonics… like hello?? There’s a section for notes??

EDIT: At least they enjoy fake radicals…


Is there even a point of “real” japanese radicals? In the end they are just building blocks made to recognize/memorize and write down kanji easier, even for Japanese people right? Radicals and how you perceive them themselves don’t have an actual meaning I think :thinking:


Paper dictionaries. That’s about it.


I believe JP people learn kanji by strokes. Not sure.


They’re used for categorization for Japanese people, not building blocks. Each kanji only has one radical.


So that makes radicals basicly useless/unnesesary for japanese people huh? TIL. Also ty to everyone for the explanations :3


The truth is they are both biased to their methods and should be willing to talk to WK before shitting on it.


No… How did you get that from what was said?


I was just wondering that same thing lol. Maybe he meant “non-japanese”?


What I got was that radicals only exist to look things up easier (something along those lines). Together with chezmax’s comment I thought that you don’t really need them in every day life for a japanese person…

Tbh I have no Idea what I’m talking about, thats just what I got from ur comment. I’ll look it up myself afterwards, don’t want to derail this thread.

I’m sure it will gain quite a lot of traction (like the last one) and actual discussion about the video with arise soon x) Thanks for trying to explain it tho.

EDIT: I have no Idea why but I’m actually terrified of Leebo lmao


The radicals categorize the kanji no matter if you’re using a paper dictionary or any other kind of dictionary. They give you a starting point to understand the meaning of the kanji, even ones that are less obvious.

Regardless of if you use a paper dictionary or not, it’s useful to know that risshinben (fish stick radical) is based on 心 and thus kanji with it tend to be related to feelings/emotions. That’s just one aspect.