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Hey guys,

I have an anki deck that I’m following the genki with, and I’ve disabled the maximum limit of 365 days, extending it indefinitely to 999999.

I’d like to do the same thing with wanikani. To make it such that items never enter into burned.

For a minute there I was ready to transcribe all of wanikani into an anki deck, but almost immediately realized this would be a huge time sink.

Is there a script that performs this same function?

The reason I want to do this is because I’m not reading yet. Without contextual situations where I’m forced to use these burned cards, I fear that I will lose this knowledge. I am striving to begin reading as soon as possible though, I just bought a bunch of lvl 0 readers. They come in today and I open them in 3 hours! >:}

We’ll see how far years of subbed anime worth almost nothing, 8 levels of wanikani, and ~80 pages of genki gets me in a lvl 0 reader. I’m pretty hopeful since others suggested not to buy lvl 0 and instead go for level 1.


Thanks for your help.


I had a script which gave me a csv of all my burned items, which I could import into Anki, but I lost it.

Maybe as an alternative you could try something like the burn reviews or self-study quiz scripts to periodically review things you’ve burned. Or maybe there’s some other options I haven’t seen yet in the list of user scripts that are closer to what you want. The two I saw probably wouldn’t give you the exact timing for additional reviews like anki or a “never burn” option would, but at least you could see what you’re forgetting. You could then look into Burn Manager if you need to reset something you forgot.

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there’s this but it’s only on your currently unlocked items

level 0 readers are about the same as これは青いペンです 美しいです

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There is little use in holding cards in anki deck after certain interval.

They won’t retain anyway after certain point unless you have exposure and if you have exposure, simple lookup will refresh the word for another year id your interval has already been over a year. Therefore removing cards after succesful review of 180 days should be ok if you are actively using the language via exposure.

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This here is the important part of the conversation. You’re not gonna retain things by endlessly reviewing them on WaniKani - at some point, you’ve just gotta get out and read things.


I’ve just realize in last 2 weeks, at 500 kanjis you can actually figure out the crust of most texts in Japanese and for example NHK Easy News are now readable with just a tiny fraction of kanjis and vocab you actually need to lookup. Most of them you can just skim by identifying them locations, names, etc.


I’m reading this post 8 hours after it was posted - how were the books??

Unfortunately it would seem I don’t know almost any of the kanji or vocabulary used despite lvl 8 wanikani lol, but they use simple nouns. It seems like this will be the easiest thing for me to get started with.

man part of me just wants to wait forever before trying to read so that it won’t be such a jisho struggle when I start, but another part of me knows it’s better if i struggle through this now.

frustrated a bit… but always doing reviews and lessons on wanikani, that I can do.


That’s mostly because WaniKani teaches kanji in the rough order of simpler-looking kanji first, whereas native Japanese kids learn it in the order of simpler meaning first.

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The Additional Option’s under each item allows you to extract what ever you want. I extracted all 60 levels of Radicals and Kanji and only up to the level I’m on in Vocab.

Also if Wanikani updates things you can re-extract and import/update the items in Anki.

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It still catches up pretty fast after basics. After 16 levels you already have 95% of N4 and Joyo G2 and should be able read most simple readers pretty well already.

You are going to enjoy the levels 10-15 immensly as they introduce so many useful high frequency kanjis and vocab

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