Question about card resurrection

Hi everyone, I was self studying Japanese for around a year and a half and was using wanikani for kanji memorization. after a long break from the studies (life and stuff) I want refresh my knowledge and continue learning more.
the thing is, I don’t really remember 100% of my burned items and even if i do remember a lot of them it’s not solid and i want a refresher.
resetting the account is not an option (will take a year + to get to where i stopped) so i was wondering if there is a way to do a batch resurrect instead of going over the cards 1 by 1 or another workaround to review the burned cards.

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exactly what i was looking for. just hope it still works haha.

Wanikani needs its own app store :slight_smile:


You don’t have to reset to level one, anyway, incidentally. You can set it to any previous level.

That said, I suspect the script offered is your best bet.

yea, but resetting to a certain level deletes all the progress from that level onwards, not a good idea (waste of time too)

that script is just amazing tho, works great and I ressurect only certain cards in each level until I work my way to level 32 again.

Depends how much you really remember, also, the object is learning rather than levels, so in that regard, I don’t count it as wasted.

However, mileage varies, and that script is good.

Or a wiki…

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