Burned Items extra study resurrection

So i did some extra study and and stumbled upon some items i couldn’t answer correctly. Is it a good approach to resurrect those items?

Or will the false answered items show up again in the extra study?

I don’t know if the items you got wrong will show up again in the extra study, but my advise for remembering burned items is “read.” Burned doesn’t mean you’ll never forget a kanji/word no matter how long it was since you last saw it, it just means you’re unlikely to forget it between each time you encounter it in the wild. But that only works if you’re reading regularly. WK encourages you to start reading around level 20, however with furigana and some patience you can start whenever regardless of kanji knowledge:)

Also: Welcome to the forums, it’s a great source for advice, motivation, and procrastination :upside_down_face: Whichever you’re looking for at a given time.


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