Inconsistent User Synonym behavior

I’m able to add user synonyms to kanji that I haven’t unlocked yet, but can’t do the same for radicals or vocab.

I was able to add the synonym “me” to the kanji 私, but was unable to do the same for the vocab 私.

Is it intentional that only one of the three categories is update-able without going through the lesson, or should everything be locked until learned, or editable?

You shouldn’t be able to add synonyms for anything before they are unlocked. At least that’s the current behavior, though many have advocated for changing it so you can.

I figured that would be the case, but at least for kanji I can, and I wasn’t sure if I should be able to. So I guess it’s a bug.

I can’t add synonyms to kanji I haven’t done the lessons for (yes, there still are some).

Yeah, @seanblue is right, you shouldn’t be able to add synonyms to anything you haven’t unlocked through lessons yet.

I’m verifying the code that drives all that, and seeing the right things. The data lines up, too, so it’s not a problem with any of your progress through the kanji. Under what context were you able to add the synonyms? On the detail pages? In lessons? Do you have userscripts running? If so, which ones? There are a couple that let people add them ahead of time…

This is on the details page. I have the Lesson User Synonyms script running - disabling it hides user synonyms from the page.

I also noticed that the vocab and radical synonym requests were returning 404 errors if they were locked. I was more curious than anything because the kanji didn’t do the same thing.

Ah, well, the lesson user synonyms script is going to let you get around all kinds of things. The functionality is because you’re circumventing our normal/reasonable precautions for preventing people from saving synonyms on things they haven’t learned yet. I’ll leave it to the speculators out there to figure out exactly how you’re saving those records. :stuck_out_tongue:

Take a look at my response over at the latest request for saving notes/synonyms on unlearned content.

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