Suggestion: Allow synonyms for vocabulary entries

It took me a while to find the synonym feature for radicals, since it is unintuitively available only during the quiz [edit: untrue; it’s only available during the reviews AFTER the quiz] and not addable while learning (the point at which most would add it, imo). In truth, I never found it at all but was told about it by a sales rep over e-mail, without which I’d have never found it (and simply stopped using the site entirely).

But that’s not the primary point of this feedback post. I am confused that this feature is not similarly available for vocabulary. I’ve searched all over during the quiz, and can’t find it anywhere.

(Reason: I want to set verbs to accept the bare infinitive. Some of them already do, and some of them mark you wrong.)

Edit: I was mistaken: It seems you can’t even add synonyms during the initial quiz, only during reviews. This is equally unintuitive. Please add this ability.

P.S. I know there are a lot of hardcore fans of wanikani in this forum; please try not to chew me up alive for making a suggestion. Please and thank you. :slight_smile:

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There already is. Unless you mean something else, then please explain further.

It’s possible gibbousmoon is trying to add a synonym for a vocab item that hasn’t been learned yet? In advance? It won’t let you do that. You have to do it their way at least one time (unless you add the script for adding synonyms during lessons, if it’s working, which I have no idea if it is or not, just blathering now).

Oh, just fully read this for the first time. Not sure why you got the impression that you can only do synonyms at a specific time. You can add them any time you like after a lesson.

yeah, sometimes i think i want to add a synonym during the lesson, sometimes because i’ve already learned the vocab / kanji before with a different english meaning… or i want to shorten an entry, for instance i recently learned ‘electric railway’ 電鉄 which i wanted to change to ‘electric rail’ and it’s a lot easier to think of these things when you are learning them, and i then forget that it’s actually ‘electric railway’ the first time and i write ‘electric rail’ , get it wrong and then have to change it

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My description was sloppy: In fact I meant during the quiz or after. It would be weird not to add it during the quiz upon getting it wrong, after all.

Could you (or @RysingDragon) tell me where to find the +ADD SYNONYM feature on this page?


Edit: Ah, crap it defaults to the homepage. Look at the vocab entry for 出る.

I’ll try again: %WaniKani / Vocabulary / 出る


As mentioned you have to have done the lesson before it appears. Adding synonyms in advance is not possible.

In the past I’ve done it during the quiz. Is that option no longer available? Or only available for radicals?

I currently use this script to add synonyms during lessons.

I think it only works during the first part of the lesson, however, not the quiz portion.

You can do it during reviews for anything.

If they made it possible to add synonyms to radicals in lessons that is entirely new.

The reason for adding synonyms to radicals is generally different from why you’d add it for vocab or kanji, though, so I could see them making a distinction.

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Can you tell me where?

Edit: Ah, I see. You can’t do it during quizzes at all. OK, I will edit my OP to clarify that request, then. Thanks.

That’s a lesson, right? You can’t add synonyms in lessons (unless the radical thing is new, as I said)

Your use of “quiz” is a little confusing, since that’s not a term used for either lessons or reviews by WK and sounds like it could apply to either. Though I guess the part immediately after the lesson is called a quiz.

It calls it a “quiz…”

Quiz is the term used at the end of a set of lessons though, so I’m assuming that’s what @gibbousmoon means. You can’t add synonyms during the lessons quiz, but you can add them during later reviews.


I see what you mean, I just think of that whole thing as “lessons” since you navigate to it from the “lessons” button, and obviously reviews are like quizzes as well, so.

I don’t even look at any of the content before that part anymore, I click the lesson button and jam the right arrow key until it takes me to the end.

Oh I agree, it took me a minute to even remember the system calls it a quiz. I was thinking reviews at first, too.

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How does jamming the right arrow key work out for you during the quiz? :wink:

You mean how do I do during the quiz? Fine, this is my second time going through WK.

You misunderstood my question. Or, I misunderstood your statement.

In any case, my request is simple: If the system marks me wrong for something which was not wrong, I want the opportunity to inform the program, right then and there, that I want it to accept the specific answer I gave it as correct.

That is the most intuitive time to allow users to do this task. I’d even call it common sense, if I believed such a thing existed. Since I don’t, I will call it “intuitive and natural.”

Feel free to explain then. I said “before that part (that part = the quiz)” which means the part where they are telling about the kanji/vocab. I don’t look at it and just skip it all. Then I move on to the part where they actually ask you to regurgitate it. Jamming the right arrow key during the quiz wouldn’t make any sense.

There’s a script if you want to do it during the lesson. You can tell @koichi about his lack of common sense, but he probably already knows.


That is a workaround, but it is limited:

Only works on one browser, and

Does not work during the quiz portion, which, you may have noticed, is the exact time I look for this function.

Furthermore, the data expires.

Please correct me if I am mistaken.