In need of resource recommendations

I don’t know where to start off in my “journey” of learning Japanese.
I really need help with finding the correct resources to teach me the grammar aspect of Japanese and expanding my vocabulary, it doesn’t feel like wanikani helps me as much with vocabulary as it does when it comes to learning radicals and kanji.

I’ve pretty much learned Hiragana & Katakana and learning kanji right now.

Any recommendations will be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

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Will all your learning be self-study? Or will (at least part of) it be in a classroom / tutoring environment?

Also, check out The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List! They have great resources for your every need, but if you want some specific recommendations, feel free to ask!


For grammar I’ve been using this YouTube playlist, which follows the grammar points in the Genki 1 book (although you don’t need the book to follow along with the playlist). I think he has done a very good job explaining all of the grammar points and I found that a video format is much easier for me than reading a textbook. The same YouTuber also has a Genki 2 playlist!

For vocabulary a lot of people recommend the Torii SRS program, which you can use to learn 10k vocabulary words. It uses SRS just like WaniKani, so if you like WaniKani you could consider using Torii. Of course, there is also Anki, which has a lot of premade decks for vocab.

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Here’s my personal recommendations

Grammar - Organic Japanese With Cure Dolly on Youtube
Some people have trouble handling her voice (I’ve never had a problem with it) but she has the most useful explanation of grammar I’ve encountered anywhere.

Onomatopoeia - Onomappu on Youtube
Japanese native that gives explanations on various onomatopoeia from a native perspective. His videos are in Japanese with english subtitles available so it can double as listening practice. Onomatopoeia is used a lot in Japanese so it really helps to understand the concepts behind them.

Conjugation Practice - Katsu 活用
Great for practicing all the conjugations and in which order they combine together

For vocabulary the best method in my opinion is learning it from whatever you’re reading or watching. You’ll remember it better with context.

Otherwise keep an eye on these forums. There’s lots of topics already with lists of extra resources and new ones pop up from time to time. Bookmark whichever one’s you find interesting.


Thank you so much! I will be self-studying Japanese (unless I get the chance to be taught in a classroom environment). Is there any specific resources that are more helpful than others when it comes to self-studying? :innocent:

Wow! I only got to watch about 10m of the first grammar video but he seemed to explain pretty well!

I will most definitely use that playlist to help me learn Japanese grammar, thank you so much!
I have yet to check out The Torii SRS Program but I will when I have time to do so!

Thanks for the recommendations! :blush:

@Rihn I haven’t checked any of them out but I will do so of course! I really appreciate your recommendations and I am happy you took time out of your day to recommend them. I will check them out!

Thank you aswell! :blush:

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Ooh, just seen this. Great link, thanks!

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