What are some of the best resources to learn Japanese?

Hello!! I have been having a little bit of trouble finding new resources for Japanese language learning (other than WaniKani of course lol). Could you guys please tell me some of your favorites or ones that worked well for you. Any sort of resource will do I am just looking for suggestions! どうもありがとうございました!!

Try this: The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resource List


MAGGIE SENSEI use MAGGIE SENSEI she is the best she has cute dogs and great examples and clear explanations

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Thank you!! :3

Haha okay! Thank you :smiley:

vocab power - core 10K, especially core 10k breakdown
grammar power - textbooks / Tae Kim guide
starting to read - Satori reader

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Thanks, I appreciate it! :yum:

I highly recommend the genki textbook and workbook. You can buy them for a bit cheaper on amazon.co.jp.

My routine for each chapter looks basically like this:

  • Learn vocab using this memrise set, which uses SRS like wanikani and has audio for nearly every word.

  • Read through the grammar points and watch these lecture videos, taking notes as needed.

  • Listen to all the dialogue recordings and then do the exercises in the workbook.

Meanwhile I do wanikani and practice kanji writing on paper and cell phone apps.

Other resources I have heard positive things about: Satori reader, FluentU, JapanesePod101, iknow.jp.

Good luck! 頑張って下さい!

[edit: oh by the way, there are also memrise sets for the dialogue and example sentences in Genki that may be useful: 1 , 2 , 3. Also, if you don’t know about jisho, it’s probably the best J->E dictionary out there.]


Thank you so much! i have tried japanesepod101 once and I liked that one a lot. I really appreciate your help!!

I too use Genki and initially learn the words in Memrise. I use a different Memrise course which is similar but doesn’t bother with the kanji. This was simply because I discovered this one and not the one you use, but I try to ignore kanji I’ve not done in WaniKani anyway.

After Memrise for initial learning of a word I move on to Renshuu and practice the words there. This is much more in-depth and tests you on the kanji, again ignoring ones I’ve not done on here yet. You can train/teach Renshuu which kanji you ‘know’ and want to be included in tests. It also gives you grammar, sample sentences with each word hyperlinked to translations and so on. It takes a while to find your way round (I’m trying to get them to make that easier) but once you’ve created a Schedule of the Genki chapters you’ve read it’s awesome! To create a Schedule go to Learn->Study Library->SCHEDS->Make a Schedule.

I also use Japanesepod101, and have a 2 year Premium subscription. A lot of people advise using the path outlined here.

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Thanks for suggesting renshuu- I had never heard of that! I’m going to check it out!

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The way I use it is to only include the kanji I’ve done on here in tests. Also I don’t do inputting of kanji in tests, only recognition. This is all within a Genki vocab Schedule I’ve set up for chapters 1-8. Kanji I’ve not done on here appear in light grey with furigana and are not tested. So basically I’m practicing the vocab from Genki plus kanji I’ve done on here simultaneously.

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