I'm making sentences!

Right now I’m going back through Genki and making a few sentences for each grammar point. I’m already on chapter eight so I’ve got a comfortable vocabulary size. I remember hearing about a website where you could post sentences and have them corrected, does anyone know the name of it? After they’ve been corrected, I’ll add them to an Anki deck. Also I just noticed the English typo in the first sentence (-‸ლ)

(Lord forgive me for using anime characters, I just needed easily recognizable names that couldn’t be mistaken for anything else.)


You’re welcome to post over here!

HelloTalk and other language partner apps/websites have corrections

I do recall a website devoted entirely to corrections, but I think I heard it was pretty dead? If I remember the name, I’ll try to share it



LangCorrect.com is mentioned relatively recently.


I did not realize these were two separate websites…

those ones though, yes

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hinative can also be a good resource!

A quick note on the above sentences:


You generally wouldn’t use お母さん or お兄さん to mean “my mother” or “my older brother,” as when referring to your own family and speaking to someone else about them you would use 母 and 兄 instead.

It’s been a while since I looked at Genki, so I’m not sure if that distinction is explained well in the textbook, but this page gives more examples of this:


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