I'm back with 1300ish reviews, help me :D

What reorder script did you use? Can you recommend any?

This script! its really useful you can sort by many things, level or types or even choose which ones are priority


I’ve been in this situation a couple of times now. I tend to use WaniKani Reorder Ultimate script to order by level. That way, you clear out all the older stuff first. You will probably burn a lot of those or get them to a higher srs level so they won’t come back again anytime soon, so your overall review count goes down and stays down.

Keep doing that and continue chipping away at the reviews. Eventually, you might get to a point where you are on reviews for a somewhat recent level. Either you will continue to cut down reviews and eventually clear your pile, or you will start to get a lot of items you can’t remember. In the latter situation, I’d try to evaluate your options. Either continue with a low accuracy and essentially relearn through reviews, reading the info when you get an item wrong, or reset your level so you start back at the level where reviews start getting problematic, and continue from there in the normal way.

I did this twice now. Resetting from level 25 back to level 22, and just last week from level 26 back to level 24. In both situations I just felt like it would be quicker to start progressing again if I just went back and went through the last few levels again rather than continually working on a large stack of reviews I have trouble remembering.

I end up in this situation because I tend to do most of my reviews at work, but when I am very busy in work I tend to not do any reviews and let them stack up.

TL;DR - WaniKani Reorder Ultimate to order reviews by level, just keep working through them until you start to get a high failure rate, or you feel the items are becoming a bit too unfamiliar, then evaluate whether it would be quicker to reset your account back a few levels or continue hammering away at the reviews.

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Wow so many replies !!
Thanks again everyone, I’ll try to make you all proud and clear that huge pile of reviews :blush:

I just downloaded the ultimare reorder script you mentionned. Even if it was months ago I remember a lot of stuff so I think I will achieve it.

If not I’ll try to ask for a restart from level 6/7 i guess.

Thanks again and keep posting, it’s really interesting

Keep us updated and let us know how it’s going!!
It’ll be good when it happens to one of us.

Give us hope!

  1. Log off forums.
  2. Turn off all electronics other than the one for doing reviews.
  3. Block all social media websites or any other webpage besides the review site.
  4. Do reviews until there are 0 left.
  5. Repeat 1-4 for several days.
  6. Add new lessons
  7. Repeats 1-4, 6 several times a day until finished with Wanikani
  8. Profit.
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I can relate. I have over 900 reviews piled up and I dont exactly feel ready to tackle it yet

my advice: Anki mode, if you can be honest with yourself about it, really helps cus you dont have to type, makes it very efficient

use review ordering to put lower level reviews first, these are more likely to be burns and enlightens and not come back.

cheers @chrstahl89, your advice just made me finish my pile :))

tell you what, I’ll do 50 if you do 50


i’ll do 50 reviews right now, just for you <3

EDIT: Done! Thanks for your inspiring words kouichi

EDIT: I lied i did 100

@koichi I did like 120 today so what will you do :smiley: ?

Since yesterday I did a lot of particles first (to get back easily I would say) and today I tried the new ordering script
I really like to go level by level + I can really see a progression (ex: I cleared all lvl3 items, now I can moove on to lvl 4 etc)
So I will definitively use this tool to go back to 0 and I guess then try to go the normal way again

Good news as well I remember some old stuff and burnt 150 items in those two days. That’s a lot of stuff that I know and won’t see again so that’s marvelous :relieved:

I wasn’t expecting so much answers and I’m glad to see I’m not alone, I loved WK community and that’s as well a reason for my comeback :3

I’ll keep you guys updated on my reviews, have a good night :wink:

what a coincidence! my wk also timed out at 120 reviews

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I used the Pomodoro method - did 25 min of reviews, 5 min break, and then a 15 min break after 4 of these cycles. When you know you’re only working for a finite period of time and have a timer that’s going to sound to tell you to go eat ice cream or something, it’s not nearly as intimidating. Two or three times now, I’ve plowed through 700+ in a single day because I just dug my teeth into it. It’s not for everyone, and of course you’ll have a crazy few weeks reviewing the stuff that comes up in big bursts, but it’s satisfying to destroy that queue.

Good luck!


GOD 700 reviews in one day that’s impressive! good job

Yup I knew the pomodoro method but never thought of using it there
Might try it this week then :wink:

Wait… You’ve had ice cream 4 times now? This sounds like win-win to me.

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700 reviews in one day thats amazing!!!

I guess I’ll also do 120 today… dang it, why you do this to me??

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Hey there, first of all best of luck with all your reviews you can do it. Secondly, I actually don’t recommend resetting your level, initially as you go through the reviews you may be disappointed at the amount of items you get wrong, have faith. I assure you as you go re-reviewing those items, they will skyrocket back into your memory much faster than when you first learned them because they are still partially in your long term memory (even if you can’t produce them straight away after your break). I’m just saying this because I came back about a week ago after taking a break since last July with a review of over 2000, and seriously considered resetting but am glad i did not. It will take patience and motivation, but just set yourself a goal like 100 a day (make it lower or higher depending on your free time) but ensure you stick to the goal you set. Thirdly, it might be worth getting the reordering script, this way you can do your reviews systematically in ascending order starting from level 1. This way as you go through your reviews to the higher levels you will ensure that you have refreshed any relevant vocab/kanji to help you as you go.
Anyways best of luck and try to keep at it、 and before you know it your stack will be gone ! :smiley:

Yeah, you should! I think the biggest thing is that the number looks scary. The Pomodoro method is a great way to break it up, and also keep some time pressure on yourself so you don’t wrack your brain for hours on something you should probably just get wrong and review again later. Also, it’s a fantastic way to reduce procrastination. When we procrastinate, it’s usually because we’re thinking about the goal, not the process. The Pomodoro method forces you to think about the actual process, which makes it easier to move forward.

On a side note, when you procrastinate, your brain actually activates its pain sensors and looks for a way to avoid the thing that’s giving you anxiety. Once you start it, though, this pain sensation goes away. The Pomodoro method is great because it gets you past that hump and into the part where you’re actually doing cool stuff. I basically use it for everything in my life, from planning my classes to making sure I read daily.

@alexbeldan - Not every day, thankfully haha. But one of the keys of the method is to give yourself some sort of reward, and when I started doing it I definitely did go eat chocolate or ice cream after every few so that I associated the work with positive sensations. Nowadays, I usually go look out the window, brew some tea, grab a beer, etc. Something to switch my attention so that I feel re-energized when I jump back into it.

@aniustaluwis - For the record, I don’t necessarily recommend it. My head is definitely swimming by the end whenever I do it, and I usually then just go play video games or get a drink because I can’t do anything else at that point. But there’s definitely something satisfying to the delirium of spending like 4 hours on something and seeing that you’ve plowed through several weeks of intimidating build-up. Also, getting burns is highly satisfying and motivating.

I’ve been reviewing my 3,500 backlog for two months now. I’m at 570. everyday +100 popup so i have to do more to keep up. haven’t learned anything new for a while :cold_sweat: