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Hey guys, I need some advice here. I am in level 40 now and I have just renewed my third year subscription in September 2020. I have been extremely busy last couple of months and reviews are getting more and more, so I can’t cope with this amount of reviews anymore . Right now it’s almost 600 and I can barely finish it 100 reviews everyday or every two days. Moreover, I am not doing well in reviews as well my average score is 70%. I don’t know, I am in a mess right now. I have lots of stuff to do lately. What is your advice should I keep doing 100 review every couple of days or what. Is there any way to pause my subscription ?
I don’t know, I think I am doing too much staff lately and I want to concentrate on stuff that are relatively more important. Advice please.


My main advice would be to stop doing any lessons for the foreseeable future and just focus on getting your reviews down to zero as often as possible. If you can get your apprentice item count down below 100, your amount of daily reviews will be quite small and manageable.

Still doing your existing reviews however will make sure that you don’t forget what you already learned and will prevent you from loosing out on earning the rewards for all the studying you already did in the past. You can continue doing new lessons anytime in the future when your life situation is more comfortable again, it’s not a race.


I don’ think there is a way to pause your subscription. You will keep doing WK while fixing your problem. You will still need your subscription. But clearly you need to slow down.

You should stop doing lessons for a while because every lesson you take becomes reviews afterwards and you are overwhelmed with reviews.

Keep an eye on your apprentice count. You should strive to keep it below 100. The bulk of your reviews is from apprentice items. By keeping the apprentice count low you control the number of reviews. The trick is to stop doing lessons when you have a high apprentice count and resume taking lessons when the apprentice count is back under control. This way you will get a review workload you can sustain.

A target of 100 apprentices works for many people but perhaps this number is still too high for you. If you are still overwhelmed with this target fell free to reduce it even further.

Your accuracy suffers because you have too many reviews. It should get better once you get the review workload under control.


As others have said, stop doing any new lessons and get your review house in order.

You CAN put WK into vacation mode. This does NOT pause your subscription but would pause your reviews at whatever they are on the day you pause. So if you pause today at 10000 reviews, you would have only 10000 reviews when you start up again in 3 weeks. This wouldn’t really help you since once you end vacation mode you will start right back where you are now.

As a last resort you can drop a level. Do NOT do this lightly though! If you do your reviews and you are still above 75-80% accuracy, just stop doing new lessons and stay on review mode.

The other thing to keep in mind is Apprentice items. These things are EVIL in that you will potentially need to review some of them multiple times a day before they move to the next SRS stage. Keep off of lessons until your Apprentice items are 100 or less, then take bit sized chunks out of your waiting lessons.

I’ve seen 3 posts where folks were in a similar position and every time it seemed like the answer was stop lessons, keep on reviews, and get your Apprentice items to 100 or less.

Whatever you do, do NOT give up! You’ve come a really long way and stopping now would just feeel wrong and set you back in your learning!

Wish you the best of luck and please keep us posted as to your results!


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