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No way, I’m taking the afternoon to catch up. Plus, starting next week, I’m going to spend a few weeks living by myself in a hotel across the street from work. Plenty of spare time and nothing to do, 6-day levels here I come.


Buckle up!

I solemnly swear to not start on level 22 before finishing up level 21.

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This is pretty much the reason why

  • Apprentice should be less than like 150.
  • Keep the accuracy high.
  • You need to kill leeches.
  • Do not abuse the re-order script on vocab.
  • Past Guru is more safe.
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I care more about my Guru number than my Apprentice one. Apprentice is easier to control because it’s mostly composed of your recent lessons. Control the lessons and you’ll be able to control your apprentice count.

Guru is a different monster though. It’s easy to take your leeches from apprentice to guru, but from guru to master is a very different thing. Most of one’s leeches are there.

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Don’t worry. Even with you doing 6-day levels, I’m still going to catch you :stuck_out_tongue:


Leech squashing is a different thing. For me, it requires usage, JJ dictionary and probably Ignore Script. (Also, it is the reason why I want to blacklist some of the WaniKani admin’s English meaning.)

There has been a talk about this as well – Ideal number of Guru items

Also, not every leech is in Guru.

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This is more the logic about the reviews return in less than 1-2 days. Excluding Apprentice 4, the reviews will always return tomorrow.

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I’m not in that level of using a JJ dictionary yet. The rushing that I’m doing on WK is helping me a lot, since being able to identify a Kanji makes it 5x easier to memorize a word to me. I check the vocab’s context with the example sentences and try to use them with my language partner(s). They always correct my stuff :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks for sharing this! :slight_smile: Guru really depends on one’s speed really. Having 650 items in guru while leveling up every 7 days might not be as bad as leveling up every 12 days and having 400 items.

I normally think of a approximate number of total items learned in the last 3 weeks (one week guru 1 + two weeks guru 2) and then compare it with my Guru category.

Yup, I guess this happens a lot in higher levels :stuck_out_tongue: For now, I’m just starting to feel the change of leeches going from Guru to Master.

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Such is life.


I‘m getting worse and worse…

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Thanks, I was wondering what an ideal number is! The apprentice-clog is probably because I returned to WK after a long absence and … well … those are the words I used to know but obviously don’t anymore. c_c

There are roughly 100 items per level, so 100-150 should be a good estimate.


My first burn since starting WK again is coming up! :scream:



Best review session ever.


wait, you’re level 29 and first burn should appear after 5 months. So you did ~6 level per month? :scream: Is that even possible?

It’s more like 6 months


The operative word in my post is again.

I started WK in something like March of 2014 (I created my account in November 2013), then I got to level 29 by roughly October. Then because of real life I stopped, and then sometime at the end of May this year I reset my level to 20 and started WK again.

I would have to have really terrible accuracy to not have a burnable item until now :grinning: You could also observe that I have over 2k burned items :slight_smile:


By this i thought may be you started WK from the beginning. :smiley:

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I meant ~5 months. hmmm, I guess ~6 would be more appropriate.