Ideal number of Guru items

Japanese in general. For various reasons I had to take a few extra high school classes after graduating if I wanted to study at the uni I’m now at, so I decided that while I did that I could also learn a new language. Thus I signed up for Japanese and took it for a year, at university level.

I’ve never cared what my apprentice total is, or what any of them are for that matter. Well, I did enjoy seeing the burn total move past the enlightened total.

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@seanblue, you and I seem to be on the same 電波. I have about 95% accuracy too (with no override or reordering scripts). I’m not sure if I’ll stop the new lessons to clear out Guru yet or not because I am in a bit of a race to drill as much as I can before N3 this summer.

@Goutye Thanks for sharing! I might end up getting myself into the same place with guru items soon, but --for now-- I am able to review multiple times a day to keep the review count down below 100 (most of the time).

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I’m sitting at 972 Guru…90% accuracy on meaning isn’t bad, but the 80% on readings it hurting me. Oh well 200-300 reviews a day for the foreseeable future.

@Goutye Still chugging away with 500-600 Guru items daily. The 200+ review items a day for months on end has been really wearing me out. Helps having the N2 just around the corner in Dec to keep me motivated.

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