Search on Wanikani - A Firefox Extension

:warning: This is a third-party script/app and is not created by the WaniKani team. By using this, you understand that it can stop working at any time or be discontinued indefinitely.


Why did I make this
When I was vocab mining, sometimes I wondered “Oh my… How could I ever remember this pronunciation, maybe Wanikani has some great mnemonics I could use ?” or “Gaah! I know I learned this kanji! What was the mnemonics ?” so I almost always ended up having a wanikani tab where I copy-pasted kanji and vocab to check them on wanikani before adding them on my SRS.

A few days ago, I noticed that Ollie’s extension Search – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-GB) was open source so I had a look and I found out that it was in fact really simple !
So I modified it to make my own extension Search on WaniKani – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US) which I’m enjoying a lot.
Maybe you guys will find it useful too :slight_smile:

How it works
Select a kanji or word, right click and choose “Search on Wanikani” and then choose either “Search Kanji on Wanikani” or “Search Vocab on Wanikani”, which opens a tab and look for the selected kanji or vocabulary on Wanikani.


That’s it ! :slight_smile: