Ichi.moe 's verb forms

ichi.moe iwill categorize verbs using some terminology lie “[v1] Conjunctive”, [v5u] Passive and so on.

Where do those terms come from? Is there a reference and explanation of them somewhere? I know a good grammar source could explain each of those verb forms, but the terminology doesn’t seem to match with Tae Kim’s guide or any other grammar book for that matter.

Without having used it much I expect it to be keyed like that
v → verb
1 → Ichidan (ru-verbs according to tae)
5 → godan (u-verbs according to tae)
u → godan verb ending in u

Conjunctive is the conjugation and means linking together so it’s probably て-Form or the stem 食べて or 食べ as example
Passive is another conjugation e.g 食べられる

Apparently if you hover your mouse over one of these it has help text explaining what the abbreviation means.


You are exactly right! I feel like a fool. I have another question though, how can I easily lookup terms like “Conjunctive” or similar terms if I don’t know about them yet?

I typically will do a web search such as:

japanese grammar conjunctive

Just replace “conjunctive” with what you’re looking for, and the first few results should help out.


Thank you. I will try to do that in the future.

Practically every online or app-based free Japanese-English dictionary will be getting its data from the free JMdict project. This includes the tags that define things like parts of speech and information about whether the word is usually written in kana. Some sites and apps will expand the tags to explain them a bit better, and some (as here) will just display a raw tag like ‘v5u’. You can find the definitions of the tags in the help information for JMdict.

Now, that will tell you that ‘v5u’ means “Godan verb with ‘u’ ending” – you then need enough grammar terminology/knowledge to understand or find out what a godan verb is, but google searches will probably help there.


Thank you very much. This is exactly what I was looking for!

I do know what "godan verb with ‘u’ ending is. :nerd_face:


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