I wrote about my weekend in Japanese!

I’m sorry if this doesn’t exactly fit in the reading section but I didn’t know where else to put it. ごめんなさい!
I had a really good weekend and decided to channel those happy feelings into Japanese studies. I struggle with output, both spoken and written, so I wanted to challenge myself by writing a short piece. My Japanese teacher checked it and corrected some errors for me. I tried to use only grammar and kanji that I could think of, I didn’t want to look up or translate anything. I wrote it by hand first and then typed it after my teacher corrected it. Please let me know what you think, and I encourage others to do the same! This was a fun exercise.


土曜日の朝、フェリーでせと内海を渡りました。目的地は小豆島でした。一時間かかって、初めにめん屋で朝ごはんを食べました。僕はキツネそうめんを食べました。食事の後、「自然動物園お猿の国」という場所に行きました。サルが好きだから、いいところだと思いました。この森にはサル三百匹ぐらいがいます。すごいと思います! サルに豆のエサをやって、たくさんサルに会いました。とても楽しかったです。ほかの場所はかんかけいとまめまめブルワリーとエンジェルロードを訪ねました。小豆島は面白い島だと思います。


Really awesome work! It’s a nice journal entry. Definitely impressed you wrote it out by hand first, haha.

I invite you to check out the Japanese Sentence a Day Challenge thread. Some of us post smaller sentences and try to correct each other. Obviously you don’t have to make it a daily thing…but it definitely motivates me to try to write something short when I have time, or try out new grammar we learn. Something is better than nothing!


My instinctive response was like „Why, the writing section!“ but I double-checked, and there is no such thing! :exploding_head: Can we maybe fix this @Mods and introduce a „Writing“ section as there seem to be quite a bunch of threads that focus on written output? (including some threads that were initiated by Tofugu members actually :wink:)


Good idea! I’ll check with the team and let you know but I see no reason why we couldn’t add that category.


I think there might be a bit of overlap with the “Japanese Only” category. I know initially we created that for it to be a place for one of our Japanese staff to interact with users, but I’m considering possibly opening it up…and I guess possibly updating the name. I’ll have to check with the team about that first though, but if that were the case, would that work?

Can you send me a few examples of threads that would fit in a “writing” category if we were to create a new one?

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