I Somehow Made It to Level 30

Well, I somehow unlocked Level 30 tonight. I started in April 2021, so I guess that’s decent progress. Is it my work ethic and my perseverance, or do I simply not have much of a life? Joking aside, I’m pretty proud of this milestone. 30 was the number I had in mind before I figured I could take my foot off the gas pedal. Now, I imagine I will use the halfway point to really focus on some of the kanji that consistently give me problems as well as increasingly harder grammar.

To be certain, there have been moments when I was very frustrated with leveling up. I’d sit at my computer, slog through words, and wonder where the heck my night went (I recall once letting my reviews get to about 300 and was le sad because I cranked them out in one sitting). If I may offer some advice/encouragement to anyone who wants to stay on track, just remember why you are doing this. One thing that I did on occasion that I don’t want to do for the final 30 levels is allow this to become work. I have to remind myself that this is all for my journey to learn Japanese, which should be fun. With that mindset, I think the journey should be much more enjoyable going forward.

All right. I’m raising a glass to myself. Sorry if this sounds like a pat on the back! Onward and upward. Here’s to 30 more.


48.59% of the total items left. I’m about to get to 30 in a couple days aswell.

Will try to chill a bit since kanji really isn’t holding me back all that much in immersion anymore.

But I say that, I said that to myself a week ago and somehow find an excuse to continue. “Just a little bit more”. Knowing that I have kanji that isn’t on the timer waiting to get reviewed in the near future feels like a bit of wasted time. Can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.




I also started the paid levels in April 2021 also, so I feel every inch of your accomplishment! I’m impressed!! I’m working my way through level 27 now, and have put a lot of emphasis on getting to 30. I am 少しい羨ましい :rofl:


I look forward to you joining me in a couple of weeks! Just throwing it out there, but this is honestly a bigger weight off my shoulders than I anticipated. I’m sitting here like, “Oh, damn. Wow. I actually hit it!” Keep up the good work and see you soon!

As an aside, I think one of my favorite mnemonics was the kun’yomi reading for 暇 (free time). It’s ひま, which is meant to be a parody of the wine cooler Zima from back in the day. I was sitting there like, “How and why in the hell is this site dipping into the 90’s memory bank for a drink that was literally on the market for like a summer?!” I laugh every time I see it. Come to find out, I guess it’s still popular in Japan, so that makes it even funnier.


I’m old, so I actually remember trying Xima when it first came out. It was tasty, but it was “not beer”, so I wasn’t going to go and order it! Now there are so many similar drinks on the market doing rather well (and me being into grapefruit Soju; I don’t think it’s very different)… I’m stunned by your note that Xima is popular even now in Asia.

It might take me until sometime in March to get to level 30, because I’m still on a “gotta get more ‘work’ work done these days” hiatus… But I’m inspired by your words.

Lately, I’ve been going into the level lists and looking at old levels to see how poorly I remember the older ones. The earliest levels look cool with lots of black “burned items” and a few bright leeches. It’s kind of easy to review those like that in the lists, because they really stand out.


Speaking of 90’s, there have been a few mnemonics that made me think of Jnco Jeans. If part of the fun of this site is making your own mnemonics along the way, then I am happy to admit I have said, “Jncos! Ah, yeah. I had a few pairs. Wow. Those jeans…kinda sucked, huh?”

I’ve been doing the same thing as you. It’s funny how some of those characters come so easily and others are like, “Ummmm…can I get a lifeline on this one?” Ah, well. It’s part of the fun.


JNCOs!! :blush: Yeah! The very full-legged jeans are back in fashion again.