Do you resurrect burned stuff?

After fretting about burning kanji and vocab that I still felt shaky on, I did some forum searching and found out that resetting burned stuff is a thing (see:

Anyone out there do this? And how often? I’m thinking maybe when I make it close to 60 and the review load lessens, I’ll go back through each level and reset anything I can’t read easily.


i came back from a long break and instead of resetting the levels where i had burned most items i resurrected them all, guru’d them and then retired them again before continuing the normal levelling process again.

other than that i prefer to add burned items to kamesame or kaniwani instead of resurrecting them on WK.


Interesting, I wonder if it’s feasible for me to do something like kamesame after I get wanikani to 60.

Because I just don’t have the motivation right now to do more on top of keeping up with wani kani :stuck_out_tongue:

I do pretty regularly but not systematically when I encounter something I’ve forgotten. I’m not in any rush to get to 60 and I’d rather have what I’d learned be solid in my head. Having said that, I used to more systematically go through my lists of newly burned items and reset ones I wasn’t so sure about. I don’t do that anymore because the list got too long.

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Yeah I’m a little afraid to go back and see how many I’d need to reset.

I have a bad habit of not letting myself get a word wrong sometimes if I know it’s about to get burned. As in, I’ll take a lot of time to figure it out (and even kinda sorta cheat… occasionally) if I’m struggling to read it, even though I should just let go and get it wrong.

The rush to 60 and the “80% correct rate is low” mentality of the WK forums is pretty toxic and counter-productive, I think. There shouldn’t be a pressure to get things right more often, because if you’re not sure about something, you SHOULD get it wrong so you can have more reviews of it!


I sometimes resurrect stuff I’ve just burned if I feel like getting it was more guess than certainty, which happens occasionally even with things that have reached that stage.

I’m thinking when I ‘finish’ level 60, I’ll resurrect everything in level 1. Then go level by level as I ‘refinish’ everything in a level.
Almost like resetting to level 1, but maintaining my level 60 badge, and still having reviews for the other levels.

sometimes I come into words that I kinda know I’ve burned in wani but still couldn’t remember which is not a comfortable feeling though xD,
I just click the resurrect button to ressurect them.

I do periodically and more so recently after a break. I feel like if I don’t know it and then I read the reading or meaning and I still don’t easily see it or think I’m going to remember it, I resurrect it. It isn’t about a competition or seeing how fast you can do something. It is about learning a language and really understanding it. If I read the reading or the meaning and I kind of remember it, then I don’t resurrect it. It is good to go through ever so often and see if you really learned something.

Though, it is up to each person to decide that.

I won’t think about resurrecting anything until I get to level 60. My goal is to be reading so much by then that the act of reading becomes the teacher.

I see WaniKani like the stabilisers on a bicycle, no point in putting them back on once you are able to cycle (even though you might not be able to cycle perfectly and have a lot to learn about handling the bike).

But that’s just my attitude. Maybe there will be kanji I always find tricky and I’ll resurrect the odd one with its vocab to nail it home.

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