I need help getting the anki-jrp addon working in Anki

I have no experience with anki, and I find the tutorial confusing, especially without screenshots. Can somebody give a more hand-holdy explanation?

Bumping this

Actually I have successfully set up this one, but didn’t really use it.

Have you gotten to this step?

  1. Open the add-on’s preferences under Tools in Anki’s main menu bar,

I have, but nothing happened, and I did set up the html stuff

Check if the Note type has long long JavaScript.

Then, this step

Select any notes you want to change, choose the bulk conversion action from the menu bar, adjust the configuration dialog to what you want and click Convert.

Also, include a print screen to see where you got stuck. (The forum supports pasting images, as well as drag-and-drop.)

I’ve done all of these things with little to no luck

Did you forget to untick “Dry Run”?

I did it again with it unchecked to no success

Note fields’ editing should show something like this.

Shorter words might not be so complex, though. But why not rather use a simpler Add-on?

I thought it would be better to have colouring so it’d be easier to remember than with a graph

It does look like that but now there’s an error

Update: I fixed it. The problem was that I was adding a different format for the html template on the front when I didn’t need to despite the tutorial saying to do so. I made a guide with screenshots on how to set this up How to get Pitch Accent coloring with Anki JRP: - Google Docs

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