How long do you guys take to finish a level?

all in the title, it takes me about 12 days!


For me, it’s heavily variable. Sometimes seven days, and I think my maximum is twenty-four days.


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If this somehow makes you feel better :sweat_smile:


until level 20 it was 8 days, since then until lvl 25 it has been 12 days.

Maybe I should speed up and just do those lessons huh

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what were you doing for 447 days, and then those other 304 days lmao

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Using every other word when reading manga, mostly :sweat_smile:



Either you did this on purpose with very careful timing, or the chart generator has an issue

Hmm now mine has an issue on levels 41 and 42. Definitely didn’t have that last time I used it


I average out at about 7 days and 21 hours, but the current level will take 8 days and 6 hours at least.

It wasn’t on purpose. at level 52 I resumed from vacation mode, so the 609 days there got cut in half somehow. So yeah, either a bug with WK statistics, or with the wkstats.

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Mine has the same issue on level 19, definitely wasn’t there a month ago


7 days, no matter how I cut it. My rate of accuracy is 98% I think, although I try to mark things as wrong if I want to practice it more. I’m on Level 49 as I write this.

Used to be 7 days exactly (give or take an hour) but since level 50 it has grown to a few weeks.

Important to mention, this is not a race. Going fast for most people causes burnout. It doesn’t matter if you finish in a year or 5, but you should finish at one point.


OMG…yeah. I’ve been skipping the same 4 Kanji in my review pile for a few days now just so I won’t advance to Level 50. I know once I see those Lessons in my box I won’t be able to stop myself.

I really should just shut up and finish wanikani and then go through my burned pile and reset some hard cases from here out. I just know that from Level 50 onward not much of the material is included in the JLPN1 and there’s just sooooo much more stuff I need to learn past this. arghhhh…

132 days on level 28. But then again, I’ve got s day job as a lawyer. Haha.



The previous few levels took me three weeks at around 100 reviews per day. Recently, I finally started burning items, but it’s still often 100 reviews per day. Paused other languages, paused new reviews. I think I might stay on this level for 4-8 weeks until everything calms down a bit and I’m down to ~50 reviews per day again. I just can’t keep the pace. May it take 8 weeks per level then, I don’t care anymore, I can’t learn only kanji every day.

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According to wkstats I’m averaging about 12 days to finish a level, but it’s been getting longer as the levels progress, especially when I stop after the previous level’s lessons to burn down my apprentice pile a bit.