I love this platform

The anime is K-On! I haven’t watched it, but it’s a very popular anime. :wink:



I know exactly what this thread needs

@Glias cat!

But seriously, this whole community and the whole Tofugu team is so awesome and it has been really nice to be around. Will forever be grateful to Victor, King of the Morons who recommended Toufugu’s YouTube Channel, which eventually lead me to discover WaniKani



litterally same. Wanikani is why I can learn japanese. I would never be able to make all those flashcards and anki is really weird and daunting, especially at first use. I can just do wk when I wake up, once during the day, and once before bed and boom I am able to study Japanese incredibly effectively even though I am extremely busy right now :slight_smile: thanks tofugu


Excuse me Sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior k- okay, okay :rofl:

Certainly, WK is a streamlined process like no other. Slight gamification but without sacrificing learning integrity.


Damn it! I can’t like the post without ruining the perfection:


don’t worry i’ll do it for you



Preach on brother! Good luck on your kanji journey !


I was just listening to that same podcast episode :OOOO

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Isn’t that podcast just great? I imagine somebody have invested quite a lot of time to understand that problem thoroughly and the way it was presented: it was really in such a lovely way: lot of jokes, laughter, completely positive atmosphere… you can tell those people are enthusiastic about what they are doing. The same is true for a few articles I have read on tofugu like explanation of what on’yomi and kun’yomi is.

I love the podcast! I listen to it when I go for walks and all the episodes I’ve listened to so far manage to be both informative and fun. It really is a joy to listen to!

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It is not very clear to me where I can see the lessons…? when are they becoming active?
I am using Firefox.

Lesson 1 is available to you after registration. Then you will start with learning of radicals, after enough repetitions those radicals go from apprentice to guru status and that is when kanjis for the current level will open up.
If you want to open new level all your radicals and at least 90% of your kanjis must be in guru status, then new level is automatically opened and you can start with new radicals, after that kanji. Basically all over again.

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Wanikani is <3


Short precision:

Technically speaking, you do not need to guru your radicals to access the next level. You only need to guru 90% of the current level kanji. The thing is, in most levels*, less than 90% of the kanji are available from the beginning of the level so that you first have to deblock them by guru’ing your radicals…

Exact time intervals of the SRS are indicated in the FAQ there: https://knowledge.wanikani.com/wanikani/srs-stages/

*most but not all, that’s why we speak about “short levels” that can be finished in 4 days or so.

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Love all around. I love it too!



Hey @dominik_mozny, welcome to the comunity !!!
Really cool that you bumped in!

Great, that you are so excited about it. I’m also still excited, even if lvl 60 is in sight in winter.

I would give you a a few useful links, some tips on userscripts and a daily scedule… if the great @jprspereira wouldn’t had already said everything in a very good manner. Instead I give you his “My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )”. If you have some time and excitement left, I strongly advice you to read a bit of it. It will prevent you from loosing this excitement and even increase your productivity and fun!

Have a nice time around. Just ask like anything you want to and if you simply want to chat a little bit about like anything, there is the wonderful POLL thread.

~T :lion:


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