I just bought WaniKani and I feel amazing

Heyy everyone

I impulse bought WaniKani about 10 minutes ago and I think it’s the best thing I’ve done in a long time. It feels amazing to know that this is something I want to do with my life and just want to share it with all of you amazing people.

Hugs from an internet stranger,

joekerfromP5 :heart: :grin:


I joined last week, and I share the feeling. I’m ready to grind hard for it though haha.



Good luck! … and never give up! I’ve had a review stack of ~2000 before, but I slowly conquered it and reached level 60, and it was a huge help towards understanding Japanese media, which feels great!


OP, are you the owner of tofugu and wanikani now? nice!


if it is the subscription only, well, welcome and expect challenge throughout the levels.


Congrats on joining the dark side committing to learning kanji! I bought lifetime this past January, and I’m glad I did. This is more of a mental commitment than anything else, so if you ever feel discouraged feel free to swing by the forums again. Wishing you continued success in your studies!


Congratulations and all the best in your journey!



After learning some you will start wanting to get a brief taste of the other languages and you find them doing the same things.

Word ambiguity in Japanese heard by English speakers - ohayou - ohio.

An example.

Then you will see it in all the other languages, English words that can be misconstrued (purposefully or not) to mean something else.

An example - élon means moose in a language.

Elon musk, the odor (order) of a moose.

Soon split mindedness (schizo - split, in latin(?)) And see how it’s good to not listen to your native language all the time because the jokesters ram so much cheese (chi-zu, mapping, map, cartography) into one language it devolves into anarchy in your own brain.

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  • if you know that you’re not going to be able to keep up with the reviews, you can always pause it using the vacation button in the settings.²

  • if you’ve reached level 60 or you took a 2 year hiatus (like me), you can always go back to any level you want and continue from there

Other then that, levels 1 to 10 are slow with not many reviews. From level 15 I noticed the increase in daily reviews with returning master and enlightened reviews.

Keep it up and you’ll now the 2211 kanji as well as the over 6k vocab in no time

I’m kinda jealous, as I don’t think anything regarding language learning has ever made me feel amazing. :joy: :grimacing:

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You haven’t passed a JLPT test? That’s up there.

Yeah, I imagine that feels great, but I haven’t taken the test yet. I’m not bothering until I’m ready for the N2 test, and that’s at least one year away. There aren’t any test locations near me, so I have to prepare for a journey.

Good luck! Enjoy!

Like, actaully?

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