I like the Redesign

Since there are so many people complaining here, I just want to say that I like the redesign. At first, I was a little shocked because it came as a big surprise without any warning and was ready to jump on the hate train, but after I got over the initial shock and took a closer look, I started to actually like it.

It looks more modern and fun, and the new colors were great too (please give them back).

Since there is a tendency for people who are happy to say nothing, I wanted to express my appreciation instead of staying silent. If there’s anyone else out there who likes the changes, please let people know so we can keep them.

Thanks to the Wanikani team for improving the site. Just give us a warning next time before you roll out the changes. And maybe explain why you made the changes to avoid another reaction like this.


I agree. The new design is nice. To be honest, the colors look the same to me.

P.S. I love the new dropdown window.


The colors were changed back after a few hours.


I like the new design, but they really should’ve gotten community feedback first, especially because it broke a lot of user scripts. That seemed kind of irresponsible? I guess? Because user scripts are like half the experience.


That’s true. I also wasn’t happy they dropped it on us unannounced. Maybe they could give script developers a preview so they can adopt their scripts before the changes are made.


I think we all agreed that the new purple was good and the new pink was terrible because it blended with the wrong red, so bring back the new purple and I think we’ll be good


I suggested on the “hate” thread a beta where users could opt-in for new features before release and provide feedback.

That’s what most companies do nowadays, anyway.


The navigation is fine. The new color scheme could use some tweaking though, for the moment I’m content with the current state of the app.

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I think the new pink was better than the old one. Maybe not perfect, but the current one is lame.


Interesting, I thought the old design looked much more modern. If I’m being honest, the new logo looks to me like something that you’d put on the side of a fruit carton and that the company has been using since the 80s.

More importantly though, I feel like the colors that are used for the lessons and review buttons add unnecessary baggage to an already complete design language. IMO, they should use one of the colors that’s already used on the site, either some shade of gray or one of the apprentice/guru/etc. colors (or possibly a slightly altered version of those, i.e. different saturation or value)

Edit: Looks like they are reusing colors now, so that’s nice


I was barely alive in the 80s, so I don’t know what fruit cartons looked like. Anyway, design always goes in cycles and it seems like the 80s are coming back.

The old one looked like early 2000s and outdated. The new one looks like something I haven’t seen on the internet yet. And it looks more structured and organized.

I think both are fine, though, and I don’t understand why people are making such a fuss. The only thing that might be problematic his hiding lessons and review in the menu on mobile, but I don’t use mobile, so that doesn’t concern me.


I really like the new logo. I think it looks clean, friendly, and cute. Size and placement feel right to me.

By the way, the colors used for the lessons and review buttons DO appear elsewhere on the site - just look at the Community logo illustration at the top of this page. I’m sure there are more changes to come that will see all of this better integrated and fleshed out.


Regardless of what color purple it is, I can still learn kanji just fine, so I’m happy.


When the new colors came in I was doing reviews on my phone and I thought maybe it was going bad. It sure did come as a surprise, however, I liked the other colors. If anyone knows what they were, please tell me. All in all, I too like the redesign


I’m sorry if you like the change, but it didn’t have the functionality, the red blended too strongly with the new pink, and I don’t see why they would change fail from red to something else

I am not a huge fan of the new logo but I did like the new colours a lot, and I hope they bring them back, at least as an option. I could even get used to the new logo, eventually… but the old dull colours are just so dated and boring…


https://beta.wanikani.com/dashboard would be a very helpful concept prior to rolling out UI changes.

Like you, I generally like the new design, though most of the use cases generating complaints don’t apply to me.


I like the new colours too (before they were reverted). Then again maybe I just watch too much Miami Vice.


I love the drop-down menu, and the new, what’sitcalled, title? colour is pretty cool now, as is the lettering. Still not too hot on the actual logo, tho. And the animations are nice, and it does look very sleek and modern overall.

I’m guessing this is because most users (guessing again) just use the default interface without changing anything, and I think it is generally better to keep it simple when it comes to design. But would it really hurt to give people a choice between colours for Apps/Gurus/etc.? Or is it just assumed people who don’t like them will figure out how to change them on their own through scripts? :thinking:


Was there a closed beta or anything? It’s pretty strange not to have a beta.