I keep on waking up to so many reviews

Should I just, not do it all, but if I don’t do it all right now it will just keep on giving me reviews and I’ll never finish?

Maybe it’s because I do all the lessons at once, should I be doing that?

Oh and by so many reviews I mean over 250 reviews.


Personally I would do them all at once, but if you need to it’s fine to slow down :slight_smile:
And yes, if you do all your lessons at once like that you will get large review counts. You can always try to split up lessons (Like doing half one day, half the next, etc.)


Yeah I’ll just do it all at once, but is it really ok to split up the lessons? I feel like, it’s bad for some reason??


Spread out lessons and reviews throughout the day to get smaller batches, if that’s what you want. However, if you just review once or twice a day you might as well do them all at the same time.


Hmm, maybe with the lessons, just not with the reviews. I feel like I need to do those all at once.

It’s not bad. The fastest the system allows you to level up is 7 days (more precisely 6 days and 20h). If you’re doing all lessons in one go, you’ll have nothing to learn the other days. By balancing lessons throughout the days, you’re allowing yourself to learn less every day, but with more quality.

I highly advise you to read my Guide for WK, mainly chapters 4 to 6:


It’s only bad if you’re racing to the finish line. But remember that this is a learning tool, not a race. It’s okay to split up lessons if that will help you to slow down a bit and go at a pace that will keep you motivated and learning, instead of going max speed and burning out.


Oh ok then I’ll just split up the lessons, I prefer that anyways.


And you’ll get your initial problem solved as well :slight_smile:


I’m not racing or anything, I just feel like I need to do it all in one go. Probably not true, though.

But if it’s really ok to split up the lessons then I’ll do that.

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I personally don’t feel the need to do all the lessons at once. I just hit level 32 and don’t plan to start the lessons for a while. I’ll finish off the level 31 vocab, but then chill for a few weeks. Likewise when I’m in a level I only take on a handful per day. Sometimes no new. I’d rather spread it out, going slow, than to get overwhelmed. Especially since I’ve also got KaniWani, Bunpro, and Anki going. Only so much time in a day.


This is my second time through (I petered out the first time at level 20). I am finding it much easier now that I have adopted the following strategy, which works very well for me.

  1. First priority is to always keep the number of apprentice items below 100 and the number of Guru’d items below 500. That will keep the number of reviews you need to do at any time reasonable. Don’t do more lessons if it will put the number of apprentice items above 100.

  2. Second priority is to keep the number of items in your review queue down to 0.

  3. Third priority, if you are obeying the first two, is to reduce the lesson queue as close to 0 as possible, or to 0 if possible.

  4. Also keep an eye on your critical condition items and try to review them so that you get them off of there.

  5. No scripts or other tools that let you track your progress. I found I would just get obsessed with them, and discouraged if the progress slowed.

So the ideal is to have #Apprentice Items < 100, #Guru items < 500, 0 reviews, 0 lessons, and 0 critical items, and I achieve this quite often which is very satisfying! But don’t do lessons until you can do them without violating the top priorities!


Yeah, I’m similar to other posters here (like @DaisukeJigen) in that I like to spread out my lessons, instead of doing them all at once. For me, I think it helps me retain the information better, and it makes my reviews more manageable.


Ah, gotcha. So, since the second ‘batch’ of kanji for the level doesn’t unlock until radicals are gurued anyway, I’ll often do the lessons for the radicals first, then I’ll wait to do the kanji and any additional vocab lessons at my leisure. That way I can speed up if I want, but still pace myself (but I usually just go at a snail’s pace anyways :sweat_smile: ).


I never liked going at such a slow pace, since I tend to learn very quickly to begin with- but while I do the lessons, there IS a point where nothing sticks anymore

that’s when I should just stop and take a break, I guess.

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I use [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter to spread out my lessons, which then spreads out my reviews reasonably well (though sometimes they still bunch together based on when I do reviews each day).

Also, it looks like you have nearly 200 apprentice items, which is somewhat high. Did you just do a whole bunch of lessons in the last few days, or is it always that high?


I just finished a lot of lessons yesterday, it’s not really that high most of the time

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Okay. Then I’d highly recommend you try the Lesson Filter script I linked to. You can use it to do all of your radicals the day you level up, and do the kanji over the next 2-3 days. And then when you guru the radicals, you can use it to do the rest of the kanji (while sprinkling in all the vocab of course). That way you can spread out your lessons a bit and still go at max speed, if that’s what you’re aiming for.


No I don’t really want to use that, but thanks anyways!!

Okay, no worries. Best of luck!

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