I keep getting "WaniKani has lost connection"

I know why it’s happening, its coming from one of my scripts, but I have no clue which one. I get this error code when I try refreshing the page: {“error”:“Rate limit exceeded”,“code”:429}

Anyone know what script might be causing this? It happens in my lessons and reviews. It’s super annoying because if I’m in a lesson it puts me out of order because it doesn’t save my progress.

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Trying turning off a few for a bit, see if anything changes, rinse and repeat?
I’m pretty sure there is an API call limit, though I can’t recall off the top of my head what it is. So possible some script is making an extraordinary amount of calls, or even all the scripts combined each making a bunch of calls, pushing you over the limit.


Also, if you have a privacy plugin or browser setting that deletes cache when you close your browser, disable it for Wanikani, and the Open Framework (assuming you’re using it) will not have to reload all of the WK item info every time. One sign that it’s having to reload the info is that it spends a lot of time loading when you visit the WK dashboard each time after opening the browser.


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