HTTP 429 Rate Limit Exceeded - 2020


I’ve been getting this error: {“error”:“Rate limit exceeded”,“code”:429} when attempting to navigate through my lessons, reviews, and even loading the dashboard for the last few days. I note this error has been documented in the topic here: {"error":"Rate limit exceeded","code":429} but the culprit seemed to be user scripts, to the best of my knowledge I am not running any user scripts (though I cannot get to my dashboard to check as the error prevents it). I am wondering if anyone could help me solve this issue and return to doing daily reviews.

If you want to check for user scripts, you cannot do that on the dashboard as they are managed outside of Wanikani. There are several options, e.g. I am using Tampermonkey as a browser extension. You can usually deactivate these extensions completely, which is the best way to make sure that no user scripts are running.

If that is not the case for you, you can open the browser console (usually in the Browser menu look for something like “Web Developer” and then “Web Console” or the like) and look for the error 429 in there. To the right it usually shows you what causes the error. Maybe that helps narrow it down? You could also post a screenshot of your console here for others to help you make sense of the messages.


If you are running scripts you must have a browser extension such as tampermonkey for running them. This shows as an icon on the browser top bar. Here is how it looks like on Chrome.


You may also check in the add-on settings of your browser. If you have an extension for scripts it will be listed there.

If you don’t have such a browser extension then scripts cannot be the culprit because you don’t run scripts.

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@viet @oldbonsai Do you have any suggestions?

The rate limit on general requests is pretty generous: 120 per minute. Since it’s per minute, it resets every minute, so you should see the problem go away pretty quickly.

We track per IP address, though, so if you’re sitting on a network with other WaniKani users, it could cause some problems. The other thing that could be going on is those responses could be cached in your browser for some reason. I’d try quitting your browser or trying it another browser and see if the problem persists.


Thank you all for your replies, I’ve found that I was indeed using no user scripts, and I am the only user of wanikani in my household so it cannot have been those problems. The error has however resolved itself for now. Should it return I will inspect the error and post more information as suggested by Nicole. Thanks again.


I’ve been getting this error from time to time (no particular pattern that I can perceive), even after turning tampermonkey off completely. It comes and goes, and the only solution seemed to be to wait until the error went away. I’ve been holding off on resetting my lessons and starting again as I don’t want to have to face this problem on a frequent basis. Very frustrating.

Today, as an experiment, I turned off the “smart firewall” function in my Norton 360. それで問題が解決された! Just like that, everything is working flawlessly on both browsers.

Just an FYI to the developers, fwiw. I’m not tech savvy enough to say that the smart firewall is what caused the problem. But, if it is indeed the root cause and can be fixed so that the program can run without hiccups when the smart firewall is on, that’d be great.

Thanks for letting us know!

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