My slow progress

Well it’s a few days short of eight weeks since I started WK and I have just got my first 20 items to Enlightened. They are only radicals but it’s a start. I have to say that I am really enjoying WK, it’s lot of fun whilst being a bit frustrating at times. I quite often fill-in the meaning instead go the reading and vice versa, Aaahhhhgggg. Also I wish there wasn’t any words for Girl in the Japanese language the different readings for this word is killing me. Manage to do twenty lessons yesterday and can remember nearly all of them, but maybe twenty a day is too many. Still I feel like I am progressing and at 66 years of age feeling a bit of a buzz. Sorry to appear to be blowing my own trumpet but it feels good to be on the upward trajectory.


Heck yeah let’s go, Geoff. Here’s to eight more weeks. :slight_smile:


Mate, glad to have you along for the ride.

Getting through 100 lessons in a day is meaningless if you don’t have the persistence to keep doing those reviews through thick and thin to really get it all nailed down.

Looking forward to hearing from you once you burn those radicals to ash, yeah? :wink:


Thanks Tael,
When I said twenty lessons I meant 20 vocabulary not 20 sets of five. I have asked before if people regarded a lesson as one Vocab or 1 set of five. Most people said a lesson was each individual word or kanji. Anyway I do mainly ten “lessons” a day, do all my reviews and also do KaniWani lessons/reviews and some Genki 1 stuff on Anki. Lucky for me I am retired and can give it a lot of time. Good luck with all your studies,


Good luck Geoff.

It’s okay to move at a slower pace. I suffered a lot for those girl variation words, you get used to it after a while.

Have fun learning :slightly_smiling_face:


lets have it!

keep going, in another level or so you’ll learn the kanji for testicles, what more motivation do you need?!>?!


I think you’re talking bollocks James. LOL


10 lessons every day is not really a slow pace. Sure, seeing how people here tend to show that they level up in a week, it may seem slow.

I used to do 10 lessons daily for the first 2 months. I then increased that to 15 per day and I still keep this pace now. Persistence is the key. Whatever pace suits you the most is the best one. It’s better to do 10 lessons daily for 2 years than to do 20+ and get overwhelmed after few months.


Thanks for your advice. Slow and steady wins the race.


talking a load of old 金玉 guvnor

Sorry Geoff, I was a bit unclear. What I meant was that even if you’re seeing people going through a couple hundred lessons a week, you shouldn’t think any less of doing 20. Back when I originally went through this website I burned through about ~700 kanji as quickly as the system would let me and then burned out myself. Sure enough coming back this time around I remember maybe 10% of them, so clearly I didn’t actually learn much back then.

Slow and steady seems to be a much more sustainable, and much more effective approach.


Now I know why David Beckham was nicknamed Golden Ball. LOL


No no, he is right. Don´t know exactly when the testicles came, but you will be there soon.
Being on level 4, why not trying to push yourself a bit concerning the amount of lessons? If it gets too much, just do less next time.
In the end, the challenge counts - but yeah, some levels later, Wanikani really picks up pace. Then, better to keep it a bit slower if you feel like it instead of burning out to soon.
But of course, we will get through this eventually, right! :slight_smile:

I’m still at the start of my journey here, so take my words with a Terutsuyoshi-grade pile of salt, but from prior endeavours at learning Japanese I’ve learned for myself that:

Your best pace is the pace that you’re comfortable doing 毎日 (every day). Today, in a week, in a month…

If you feel up to a challenge, go for it! If you think you’re near the limit of what you can handle without sacrificing motivation, don’t push yourself. Go slow, but don’t stop. Do reviews every day, even if you don’t think you can manage all that are due. Just do a few, just start. Every day.

The amount of lessons you do today will factor into your workload every time they’re up for review, so it’s best to find a number that you can handle even on a “bad day” (busy, feeling under the weather…) to keep things from piling up. Whether that means an even X lessons per day or experimenting with the balance of tackling “level up reviews” to vocab reinforcement - after all, kanji aren’t the end goal, [whatever you want to be able to do in Japanese] is! - is something you’ll have to discover for yourself.

Slow pace, quick pace - doesn’t matter. It’s not a race, it’s a journey and every step counts.


Thanks for the reply I’m an Enho man myself I love the Sumo as much as the Kanji.


Awesome! Keep up the great work, and mad respect for learning Japanese at 66! I’m glad age isn’t a restriction for broadening knowledge.


I was 68 when I started learning Japanese, and it has made a huge difference in my brain. I don’t have senior moments any more, which is basically why I started Japanese. Now I stay with it because it’s fun! Good luck on your Japanese journey!


Hello and welcome to the community! :smile: :cat2:

I can’t fault your taste. Enho is a treat to watch, and an inspiration to others who don’t “fit” the optimal or typical size / skillset / impression of their chosen kind of work. Although he’s having a tough time right now I’m certain he will adapt and get even better.

In that way, we can learn a lot from sumo, not just kanji (and vocab to use in shiritori). :rofl:

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I agree Miran, Enho is having a very poor basho this month. I read somewhere that he was going to bulk up a bit more in order to be more competitive, but he has actually dropped a few kilos. Looks like Shodai will win this round.

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Great to hear of other “seniors” making progress on WK. (I’m 75) I started learning Japanese many years ago when our sister school in Shizuoka brought 60 grade 6 six students for a home stay with families from our primary school. I’ve now reached level 34 and almost 4,000 burned items. I find kanji fascinating and great for stimulating my senior brain cells. :slight_smile: