No more lessons!

I have finally added all of the current radicals, kanji, and vocab to my queue. I will have no more lessons until I get to full burn and reset.

Hope to achieve the full burn sometime this year.


Unless WK adds more items! Congratulations!!!


Don’t tell Jaered


Congrats! I just started recently. I can’t even imagine getting to level 60. I take it that’s the cap for now? How often is new content added? Not that I think I need to worry about that anytime soon though haha

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New content is added when they feel the need, not at any specific interval.
60 has been the cap since I started 4 years ago. It was 50 sometime before that.
They have no plans on adding more levels, if new items are added it will be included in the current levels.


Welcome :grin:

Lately, new kanji/words have been every few months. Updates are more often, however. We also get some weekly updates with small fixes (adding new meanings to the current items, fixing typos, etc).

Congratz @vogelokinawa! If you want to burn them fast, my advice is to use the self-study script to work on your leeches :slight_smile: After a few months of reaching level 60, the items that will be left will be the most troubling ones, so it’s good to start working on them as early as possible.

Have you achieved the full burn?

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Mhm :slight_smile:

Gotta love how the Crabigator tells me to do my 0 lessons…


Oooh! Can’t imagine how that feels.

If I may ask, how long did it take you?


Hmm, I’d say a few months to burn the majority of them… but then I procrastinated on doing extra study for my leeches, and that postponed the whole thing 1 more year (pretty annoying, do your self-study guys!). Wanikani also kept adding new items after that (it takes 6 months to burn an item, assuming all reviews get answered correctly), so in total it was around 2 years and a few months to get 100% burned.


New content is usually added to the existing levels. And the lessons for any new item added below your level, will automatically be added to your lesson pile.

Ah, I see. That’s really nifty actually.

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That’s great! :+1:
I’m almost there myself. :smile: I don’t know when I will burn everything, but at least I hope to see the diminishment of my daily review pile.


My current status.


I’m working on the same thing, good luck to both of us <3

Meanwhile here I am with my disgusting dashboard- so many leeches, 0 burns, lesson backlog (I do 5 a day for now, sometimes 10), and still a number of apprentice items (just recently got it down from 100+)

If it makes you feel better, I had over 300 Apprentice items at the peak.

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I don’t think I’ve hit 300, but I’ve definitly hit like 295…

Your dashboard is not disgusting, looks perfectly normal to me :slight_smile: It takes a minimum of 6 months to burn an item, assuming one gets all the reviews done on time and answered correctly. So of course you have none. Plus, the reviews don’t need to be done all at once. I had a “backlog” of reviews for 6 days a week while I was leveling up.

In case you haven’t read my guide for Wanikani, please do so. I’m sure you’ll get lots of good info :slight_smile: (Read mainly chapters 1 to 8).