I just powered through 645 reviews in one session - back in the race again!

Pfew. So, I was working on my thesis last January/February and had to enable vacation mode so I could 100% focus on finishing my studies. Well, as you can expect, I finished my thesis and then gave myself a well deserved break doing absolutely nothing for a couple of weeks. I passed, graduated, now looking for a job… all the while still keeping WaniKani on vacation mode. Whoopsss.

So last week I finally disabled vacation mode knowing I have to face my reviews again, and I was greeted with 400 whopping reviews. I did maybe 50, and quit again, because uughhhhh reviews amirite?

Well I started feeling incredibly guilty about not continuing WaniKani. I did the JLPT N1 last December and failed it by coming short 18 points. I knew then that if I was more serious with WaniKani I could’ve been level 50 already if I wanted. I’ve been basically slacking off for a few years, and there was even one time where I had a 2000 review backlog I think xD (I powered through that and then kinda quit again from instant burnout… oops).

Anyway - last week I signed up for the next JLPT in July, N1 again because damn it I’m not gonna give in, and today I realized that if I keep slacking off again, I will undoubtedly fail the JLPT again and hate myself again. So I just opened WaniKani and… somehow powered through all 645 reviews non-stop using nothing but my 気合 lol.

It was a slog at first but now that it’s over with I feel great. I just gotta make sure to keep this feeling and not get distracted or demotivated again. I’m not sure how much I can level up before July, but I’m gonna try and diligently do all my reviews asap from now on and learn as much as possible. I also still have around 15 キノの旅 novels laying around that I’ve been wanting to read since forever, so perhaps I should make reading one chapter a day part of my studying routine.

Ok rant’s done. I just had to write this out for some reason. Maybe so I feel more pressured to keep doing my reviews or I’ll look like a fool lol.

To all of you looking up at a seemingly endless hill of reviews: YOU CAN DO IT! Go power through that shit, get that counter to 0 again. It’ll be worth the effort! :muscle:


Congratulations on graduating and I hope you get a job soon and pass JLPT N1!


Thank you! That would be great yeah :smiley:


So you were like Jim Carrey, typing in and in…
There was a gif for that right?





I’m looking forward to the day that I can fail JLPT N1 by 18 points.

At my current level I think I’d fail N2 by 25 points.



I’ve just come through my roughest patch - ha a stag do in Spain on the weekend, the alcohol ruined my brain !

500 reviews just finished. phew ! although not in one go !!! that’s impressive !


My all time record is a batch of about 350. It was rough. The accuracy became extra low. I’m impressed.


Glad to hear you’re still here!

I can recommend you to post a screenshot of your 0 lessons / 0 reviews here: The 0/0 Streak Challenge , and try to post a ss the first time you get to 0 / 0 in each level. It kinda motivates me to clean those bastards out, so maybe it could help you to. I currently posted 2 pics and I want to post more, all the way up to lvl60!


Wow, you came super close considering you’re only 25 on here! Is it that you know lots of Kanji outside of what you’ve seen in Wanikani?


Thanks all! And love the gifs haha. Yeah that was basically me. It helps to put up some music and then type along to the beat. Feels dorky but makes doing reviews almost something epic.

It felt so good to wake up to only 25 reviews today. I’m at a clean 0/0 now 8). Perhaps I’ll post a screenshot in that thread you linked @jonanaht!

The reason why I’m so low level here and still went for N1 is that I’ve been studying Japanese for a couple of years before I discovered WaniKani, and I’ve spent 1.5 year in Japan studying at a Japanese university. I can read a decent amount of kanji thanks to those experiences, but now that I’m not in Japan anymore (sob) I don’t get exposed to a lot of Japanese and I have to rely on other means to work on my vocab and kanji.

Anyway, good luck to all of you who are combating review piles, I’m rooting for ya! Especially @Ddjross, we’ve all been there, lol. 500 reviews done is super impressive, that should get you back on track again :).


Wow! Really impressive. Congratulations!

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soo, how’s it going? still rocking hard?
wonder if i can catch up with you. let’s find out.

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The level of Japanese spoken by someone who was only 18 points from passing N1 is a lot more impressive than his level 27 lets on…


Hopefully you continue serving Kis glory… I mean, the Crabigator

Yes, I’m a loyal member of the Kiss Army

oh man, i started wanikani now and i think that is easy but at same time hard and now the one thing i can quest for you is: what is your motivation? live in japan? work in japan? just know another culture? and only you can answer and turn this one thing to not give up again… so good lucky and good studies

(Ps: i am brazilian, so my english is not to good but is getting better because i am doing english course too >_< i am soo tired)

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