I just finished 1200+ reviews

A few weeks ago I just suddenly lost my motivation and stopped my reviews for a few weeks. They were hanging around in the back of my mind, but as the number grew and grew I kept putting it off and putting it off, until finally this week I decided I had to tackle them. I’ve put too much time and effort into this already to let it slide, but facing a mountain of reviews, I didn’t know how to approach them.

I started trying to tackle them in batches of 100. I got down to 1200, took a break until the top of the hour, and then got to 1100, and so on and so on. It took me about four days to get through with job and life commitments, but I just got the pile back to zero a few minutes ago.

My numbers were AWFUL. I now have almost 700 in my apprentice queue, and more than 500 reviews slated for tomorrow, so the uphill battle isn’t over, but I just can’t believe I got these back down to zero. Kids, don’t be like me. Don’t skip weeks.


Until I discovered the Godsent tool of “take a break” in the settings, I kept dreading about those 700-ish reviews during the fall of my senior year in H.S. I didn’t do much reviews for about a month or so. When I decided to face the whopping 700 reviews, I finished it in a week because I had school to care about but I finished with a 60% which is a fail :sob::joy:

When you do put off Wanikani for a few months, don’t reset. The lessons are still in your head somewhere and even if you don’t. Oh well, just learn while you fail.

Omg this has happened to me so many times. Good job at tackling all of those reviews. That sounds really hellish!

The trick is to think that from now on, for about six months, you’ll constantly get new reviews, at least if you are at a high level (maybe more than 10). So those 700+ reviews already exist, even if there’s no such number on the website, they just didn’t come yet. Tackling those in small batches is always progress, and if you stick to it, you’ll eventually reduce them to zero (for a short time). Keep going! :slight_smile:

I recently had about ~260 reviews because I didn’t have time for wanikani, and then got them to zero by small batches of 10 reviews whenever I had time.

Now I try to stick to the schedule 9am, 1pm, 9pm, with about 10 lessons per day because otherwise I’ll get burned :stuck_out_tongue:

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