I don't see this Kanji 諦 in Wanikani

Hello WK folks,
So I’ve met this phrase twice before, first on a reality show and then on instagram page of JapanesePod101.com. It is the phrase “諦めないで” , “akiramenai de” in Romaji which means “Don’t give up!”. So I tried to search the kanji 諦 in Wanikani but don’t seem appear on their database.

For those folks who have been fluent in Japanese, are you familiar with this kanji? I am just wondering why WK team did not include it. Maybe not included in the daily jouyou kanji?? Your advice is much appreciated.

Here’s the snapshot.

@koichi - just in case you have time to read this :slight_smile:


It is a joyo kanji, but 諦める is basically the only common word that contains it (nearly all of the compounds that include it appear to be Buddhist terminology). It’s ranked 2457th in frequency in newspapers, so I can see why someone would choose not to put it in their list of ~2000 kanji to teach. Though that didn’t stop them with some other kanji, but eh.


Hi @Leebo,
Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I wished they added this though, IMO. I like the the set phrase “諦めないで”, it has the same weight as 頑張って. Both are encouraging words. Thanks for the time explaining this kanji!


It’s on our shortlist of things we want to add - anyways, that’s where it’s at.


I’m more curious what’s on the long list


Thanks a lot @koichi

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A lot of very uncommon kanji you should learn not on WaniKani.

* pushes bird out of nest to fly *


bird is a penguin

koichi, what have you done?!


One needs to fail to fly for the greater good…


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